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2/9/2017 c27 Guest
LOVED this story - well done!
5/4/2015 c27 441917farmgirl
"Beer and old socks" - how do you THINK of these things?

And I HATE those kind of itches. Just the thought of bugs or something sets your skin crawling.

I'm glad Adam came out of this stronger, and feels how important he is to his friends. Though, the eye IS still a bit unsettling. hehehehe

Thanks for a great fic. And thanks for the shoutout, though I feel like I really did nothing since I got so behind. But I do love this story. Great work!
5/4/2015 c26 1917farmgirl
Back again, still trying to catch up.

This chapter always makes me incredibly sad. Such a good story you wrote, but at the same time, so many things broken that are hard to fix, or impossible. It makes me want to just cry.

I think you need to write me a follow-up one-shot showing how Elma is doing. Does she ever make it back to her apartment? Can Adam bring her back from her mind? Can she get over her fear of leaving, or the betrayal of being forced out of her sanctuary? Yes, I need to know these things.

I always love it when Mac and Adam talk, sharing secrets. It's such a father-son kind of thing. And I didn't miss the Burried Bones reference there either.

Amazing work on an amazing story. Now I'm off for the last little bit of it.
4/28/2015 c25 1917farmgirl
You do realize, that from now on, whenever Flack is offered cookies in any story, I will think of you and this fic. Sort of like I still think of you every time I eat jelly beans.

Also, the line where Mac says he's alive and there and wearing a hospital gown has to go down in history as one of the best and yet least predictable things ever said by Mac Taylor in a fic. It is one of my favorites! :D

So, they are all alive and getting patched up. But, oh, Elma. My heart just breaks.
4/28/2015 c24 1917farmgirl
I know it's just stuff, and as Elma says, it is so not worth a life, but I'm still sad to think of Kyle ruining all her memories and taking her only connections she has left to her past. Does it make me a bad person to worry about this when there are so many other, BIGGER worries?

Another fantastic chapter, as I knew it was.

I still can't believe you only shot him in the arm, LOL. :P And poor Mac, trying to get to him when he's half dead himself.

I absolutely LOVE the end of the chapter. Flack has become one of my favorites, more so even than when I read this the first time. A big part of that is due to you and how you write him. Makes me want to include him more if I ever get back to writing myself.

Thanks for a great chapter and for NOT making it another cliffie.

Oh, and does this mean all her trinkets are safe now, too?
4/28/2015 c23 1917farmgirl
People (IE me) call you Queen of the Cliffies for a reason, you know! If I hadn't read this several times before I would be yelling at you right now. I probably yelled really loud the first time, didn't I.

But oh what a powerful chapter you can write, and all with hardly any movement in it, too! How do you do that? Can you teach me your skills, oh wise one?

Now, I'm getting pretty worried about Mac and all that blood he's loosing.

And about Adam and the fact Kyle is probably going to do something to him with that gun he's holding...

And, is it odd to admit, I'm sitting here wondering how, when all this is over, they are going to get the blood out of Elma's couch and carpet so her life can go back to normal?
4/28/2015 c22 1917farmgirl
This chapter is full of opposites for me. On the one hand, my heart is breaking for poor Elma! She's so lost and vulnerable and fragile, and Adam wants to protect her so badly! I feel bad that she is going through this trauma on top of the drugs and everything.

BUT, on the other hand I love this chapter for the Adam and Mac dynamic. It's got everything I love when you put those two in peril together - owies, father/son relationship, trust, trying to protect each other... It kinda just melts me into a puddle of goo...when I'm not feeling bad for Elma that is.

So, the real question is, how come I'm so weird?
4/28/2015 c21 1917farmgirl
Nothing like a trip down memory lane with a good story.

Re-reading this tonight made me miss "the good old days." Remember those days, when we used to catch each other to chat about twice a week, and shared fic back and forth like crazy? I remember reading this and dying over every other sentence and how perfect it was, trying to figure out how I could reply back to you so you would understand how much I liked it.

I miss those days.

And oh how I have missed your fabulous writing! You truly have a gift. This chapter was even better reading it again tonight.
2/17/2015 c2 4Lily Violet Oak
Wow. I haven't gotten very far yet, but it is SUCH a treat to find a story that is so amazingly well-written! I love Adam, for one thing, but everyone is in-character and I can easily pretend I'm actually watching the show and seeing the characters when I read this! Thank you so much! Now I'm off to read more!
8/24/2014 c18 2lostwithmyfriends
I already thought you were amazing. But this chapter was something else. Especially your absolute perfect use of repitition in Adam being OCD. I hope you are taking your writing to places beyond fanfiction because damn are you good
8/24/2014 c11 lostwithmyfriends
for some reason I just really like the Adam/Flack friendship
12/27/2013 c27 Your biggest fan
Hi, I have just read this story from chapter 1 to chapter 27 non stop in about 6 hours. OMG is all I can say. I think it is fair to say that you are the best writer I have ever seen and, trust me, that is saying something! This story has detail so intricate that I got lost in it from the very first sentence. The thought that has gone into it, I can tell you put a great deal of time into it. It was absolutely amazing! Incredible.
Thank you for lightening up my Christmas, Smuffly
T. Xx
11/9/2013 c27 The account is deleted
Thank you for yet another brilliant story, Smuffly - such a nice ending, too - I'd forgotten all about about Jade, I confess, but you've managed to wrap up all the loose ends, well, as far as I can tell. Thanks for sharing, once again!
11/9/2013 c26 The account is deleted
After all of the lovely, goodnatured kidding in the last chapter, it was actually nice to read about Sid's and Sheldon's visits - less successful, more awkward, very realistic. What a nice Adam/Mac moment in the garden, too, when the two men were given an opportunity to touch upon each other's deepest troubles without relinquishing too much. And finally, Adam reaching out to Elma with cinnamon potpourri and poetry - that was pure genius! ;D
11/9/2013 c25 The account is deleted
So Don felt like he'd been left with a doozy of a cliffhanger when Mac passed out? - oh boy, do we feel his pain! LOL This has been an amazing cliffhanger-rollercoaster ride. How nice to see Adam surrounded by his friends-slash-colleagues - even Mac in a hospital gown, snigger - and exonerated from all possible doubt about his mental health. I love how you describe all of the characters so well, especially Danny, Flack, Mac and well, yes, Adam, too. ;D
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