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for Frozen Fire

5/18/2023 c38 Raider
So is Iagan the prince that was promised.
5/18/2023 c35 Raider
Walder deserved a more painful death.
5/18/2023 c32 Raider
Anamalistic sex is the best way reconcile
5/18/2023 c11 Raider
Dany knows how much Robb needs to get revenge.
5/18/2023 c10 Raider
Dany is hammy here. An ice dragon grows in her womb well that is dramatic.
10/17/2022 c21 Guest
I think its too easy how Daenarys came to Robb's side. Since Dany has the dragons then that would mean she burnt Khal Drogo and the witch to have them but when she came to Winterfell only her handmaidens when she was Khaleesi came, what of the others? With her dragons, i would think Dany has a stronger drive to take the seven kingdoms but now she just willingly gaves it away. Not only that but she lets Bran ride Viserion, i know this is fanfiction but Bran doesn't have the blood of Valyria and the only way he could have made Bran a dragonrider is through sorcery just like how the Nightking did with Viserion when he died. Bran doesn't have the magic or sorcery yet and even if he did it would be harder for him but its just too easy. Viserion and Rhaegal wouldn't let themselves be left alone without their mother but now their just docile? A prince from Dorne had more Targaryen blood than Bran to claim a dragon but even he was burned and rejected by the dragons. Joffrey son of Rhaenyra i recalled fell from Syrax her mother's dragon because her dragon rejected his son. I feel like Dragons should stay to those who has Targaryen Blood and not be given to outsiders who doesn't even have an ounce of Valyrian blood, heck even Jon Snow has more claim to being a dragonrider than Bran. It just felt wrong.
8/31/2022 c4 20SaiyanPrince541
Well, looks like the cats out of the bag now... Or should I say, the dragon? Feel so bad for Dany.
8/31/2022 c3 SaiyanPrince541
Very nice and heartwarming moments, playing snowball.
8/31/2022 c2 SaiyanPrince541
Theon, so brazen, as expected. I do wonder what the context is behind all of this though. Robert's threats to Daenerys?
8/31/2022 c1 SaiyanPrince541
Yeah, pretty much what I'd expect from Robb.
8/30/2022 c51 BrytteMyst
Wondering if this comment will even go through, I wanted to once again thank you for this fic.
It was marvellous it is marvellous and with the renewed obsession "House of the Dragon" left me with, I had to come back and recall this masterpiece
Edit: Lol definitely didn't but what is anon for, yes?

All I wonder now is, are you watching the new show? Did you move to Ao3 too?
Regardless, have a marvellous day, dearest author
7/5/2022 c40 Brother V
She never was a slave of Drogo dumb fuck
5/9/2022 c5 1Panjason
I don’t care whether Lyanna loved Rhaegar or not, Rhaegar running off with her made a mockery of institutions which were the basis of his authority.
Also, the idiot left his family to die.
It makes sense that Daenerys would believe what she does, but I hope you aren’t an apologist.
I’ve been enjoying the ride so far though.
3/20/2022 c44 Boremfreadingfanfics
jon x alys?
12/25/2021 c51 10sharkswillruledaWORLD
I love love Love this fic! I’ve spent the entire day doing nothing but reading this fic! I love it so much that there aren’t words in the entire dictionary to express how I feel. It’s just so goooood! I’m in love honestly.
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