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for Frozen Fire

8/31 c4 20SaiyanPrince541
Well, looks like the cats out of the bag now... Or should I say, the dragon? Feel so bad for Dany.
8/31 c3 SaiyanPrince541
Very nice and heartwarming moments, playing snowball.
8/31 c2 SaiyanPrince541
Theon, so brazen, as expected. I do wonder what the context is behind all of this though. Robert's threats to Daenerys?
8/31 c1 SaiyanPrince541
Yeah, pretty much what I'd expect from Robb.
8/30 c51 BrytteMyst
Wondering if this comment will even go through, I wanted to once again thank you for this fic.
It was marvellous it is marvellous and with the renewed obsession "House of the Dragon" left me with, I had to come back and recall this masterpiece
Edit: Lol definitely didn't but what is anon for, yes?

All I wonder now is, are you watching the new show? Did you move to Ao3 too?
Regardless, have a marvellous day, dearest author
7/5 c40 Brother V
She never was a slave of Drogo dumb fuck
5/9 c5 1Panjason
I don’t care whether Lyanna loved Rhaegar or not, Rhaegar running off with her made a mockery of institutions which were the basis of his authority.
Also, the idiot left his family to die.
It makes sense that Daenerys would believe what she does, but I hope you aren’t an apologist.
I’ve been enjoying the ride so far though.
3/20 c44 Boremfreadingfanfics
jon x alys?
12/25/2021 c51 10sharkswillruledaWORLD
I love love Love this fic! I’ve spent the entire day doing nothing but reading this fic! I love it so much that there aren’t words in the entire dictionary to express how I feel. It’s just so goooood! I’m in love honestly.
10/11/2021 c50 5RowdyRob
This story IS complete Robb & Dany won .Their kids have dire wolf very ancient houses ,one of the first men and one of ancient Valyria rule and reign together. Seems to me they have a bright well done and thank you for writing this epic pairing.
6/18/2021 c4 9AraelDranoth
This story has brilliant pacing. Some language errors but all of them minor.
6/18/2021 c2 AraelDranoth
There are some truly great lines in this fic.
5/12/2021 c51 JUANMARTIN202000
es una historia realmente buena, no se si seguía o es el final, espero que aya la remota posibilidad de que continué
4/19/2021 c28 Guest
Ok I’m sorry, this fic hasn’t been updated in forever and there’s many chapters after this, but did you seriously give Dany’s children/dragons all to the fucking Starks? Im sorry what? Why? Bran and Rickon riding and Robb constantly with Rhaegal? I just don’t understand the choice at all
4/17/2021 c1 LordRhyolith
So, she chooses to come to King's Landing instead to all the other, safer harbors?
Like Whiteharbor? Oo
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