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11/12/2017 c50 35Immortal Dragon Empress
This has been my first GoT fanfic that I've read and I was a bit sceptical about the pairing but damn! You've written a completely AMAZING story! Robb and Dany are utterly perfect in their characterisation and what makes it so is that they are not perfect characters. They have these wonderful little flaws but they work so well together! They make each other stronger and it's so beautiful how you've managed to capture all that and weave this breathtaking love story without taking away from what makes them so special! The inclusion of the direwolves and dragons was wonderful and I love that you didn't at any point make it feel cliched. Reading Robb as a father literally broke my heart a little because it's something that he never got to do and I think if he had lived he would have been the kind of father you wrote him as. I also enjoyed how you handled the Battle of the Five Kings and everything that it brought with it! I had initially been thinking about writing a GoT fic and had turned to fanfic to get an idea of what people look for when reading this fandom however your story is so well written and impressive I'm having doubts about whether I'd be able to pull of a story from this gigantic fandom. This story was absolutely PERFECT from start to finish ... well almost finish so please pretty pretty please can you update soon? I will anxiously be waiting for more from you!
10/18/2017 c50 159Sakura123
I spent maybe two days and a half reading this story, and I've really enjoyed it. There aren't a lot, but I've read or skimmed through a handful of Robb/Targaryen stories where he either dies (at that cursed wedding), or completely ruins his relationship with the other party, and winds up becoming their enemy, that I basically assumed this would end up doing the same thing, but I'm pleasantly surprised that it isn't (even if I'm still kind've expecting it).

I like how you've used familiar elements from the series or the book, the ones I could spot, and basically created relatively new scenarios for the characters. Robb/Danny is such a weird idea for a relationship, but I can completely and utterly buy it in this story, esp. with how it progressed from a "cordial" partnership, to a genuinely caring and loving one. I'm glad I found this.
10/10/2017 c50 EliLord
Come on
9/25/2017 c1 ThestralBalerion
I just love this story, what an amazing pairing and an amazing turn of events.
9/19/2017 c50 queergoldentrio
love this story! love the concept! love the writing! this story really captured my attention (and kept it considering i started reading it yesterday and finished it today). great job writing this fic! i really really enjoyed readibg it
8/27/2017 c49 4sam7sung
and Denarys is known for one thing, bring her own person. it's not here, not at all, everything comes down to her husband, sounds like Stannis's wife.
8/27/2017 c50 sam7sung
we? Denarys, you're a stark now, you lost your claim on Iron Throne, a bastard Baratheon has more claim than you. You mellowed all these characters to make it a fairy tale version of GoT.
8/24/2017 c50 anja.quickert.9
8/21/2017 c50 Guest
i love the story. but in a way like you said he pass quickly from a young love to a a man and a great man, feral dangerous, a force to be reckoned and even if he think he is not cut for the clothes (to be a king), he was already in the battle , he take decision and she help her , but he learn quick and he is wise and he is not like his father, he believe only in his family he know people were bad or quickly buy, he care for people so he will be a good king , he will make decision, change things, he show it (with the throne, he will do it with his way), he don't take other king way, he choose his battle, his way to built a new kingdom, he know winter, he is hard to his enemy but warm to his people, he will adjust, and together they are a force to be reckonned, he will be a king legend. but even if he learn politician way and maybe learn to be more goog at manipulating people, use them for his good, daenerys will help him but he is a northmen he need this and why not making court 6 month in the north, 6 month in the south, like his wolfes and his dragon he need wild forest, winter. in a way king who believe they were cut for the job rarely do and people wo take it by duty or because of history make the great king. daenery maybe believe she is the queen but she need him at her side to be a great quean .continue it's good
8/21/2017 c50 glayce Alves da Silva
i liked very much this history. i readed in one day. I want very much the next chapter
8/18/2017 c50 3sumire.syrup

I cant believe I binged read all 50 chapters in one day. The character development, plot, dialogue, storyline... all of it was magnificent. The characters are believable and not Mary sue-like. The actions and decisions made by each character was believable and not forced. What I loved most was the conflict and tension between some characters in the beginning that was beautifully resolved by the end. The characters started as individuals with their own selfish hidden agenda, but as the story progressed, they became their own characters and more three dimensional. Despite the conclusion of war, it doesn't feel like the end though, I feel like there could be more. I want to read more!

I truly love how Dany and Robb complement each other. They're definitely fire and ice. Shes the political diplomat and he's the warlord. It's such a pity that this beautiful story hasnt been updated in over a year... there's still so many unanswered questions...! Please dont ever give up on this, I hope you come back to it in the future.
8/17/2017 c32 sumire.syrup
I love it! Not disappointed at all with this chapter. I love the equality between Dany and Robb.
8/17/2017 c27 sumire.syrup
I love this fic so much. It has been a long time since I felt such urgency to comment on every chapter about how amazing every detail is. Robb played with for, but it made him appear more human than ever.
8/17/2017 c23 sumire.syrup
My heart seriously hurt for Dany that chapter... But I feel like Robb had a right to be mad.. he trusted her, even if her intentions was her best interest. She didn't trust him to be man enough to make a wise decision, I guess that hurt the most. Nevertheless, I don't believe it's the end but dang... That was a huge pang in my chest
8/17/2017 c19 sumire.syrup
I really enjoy the detail and attention you pay to the book. It's like the butterfly effect, you've done things to narrowly avoid catastrophic events in canon. It's a slight deviation from the real storyline but I think this is amazing nonetheless. Not many people can pull it off and make it convincing
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