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8/17/2017 c17 3sumire.syrup
Loving the tension between Dany and theon! Her fierce protectiveness over her king.. hell hath no fury when a woman scorned
8/17/2017 c15 sumire.syrup
This chapter was definitely much appreciated.. I enjoyed that it was told from another perspective observing the situation. Amazing chapter as always! I'm only 15/50 chapters away and I'm already sad knowing there is an end. I want this story to go on forever! Haha but then again, this is my first time reading a fic spanning 50 chapters.. I don't know what to expect!
8/17/2017 c14 sumire.syrup
Ah...I can't stop loving Dany. She's such a powerful woman and I love the role she has come to possess... a quiet lady, yet terrifyingly strategic and protective of her loved ones.
8/17/2017 c7 sumire.syrup
I love Dany very much! I admire her strong resolve and feminine nature. I must say, you've done an amazing job developing her. It's only been 7 chapters but I'm super surprised how attached I am to each and every one of these characters!
8/17/2017 c6 sumire.syrup
Ahh... when Dany said she'd let Bran ride her dragons... It hit me.. Right in the feels. I am loving the development between Dany and Robb SO HARD. But i could sense the foreshadowing dread.. I wish these days of them playing house could continue forever but the piece has fallen.
8/17/2017 c4 sumire.syrup
The delicate and fragile exchange between Dany and Robb at the end... I love it! I felt the pang.
8/17/2017 c2 sumire.syrup
Wow... I wanted to wait until the last chapter to leave a review but the dialogue in this fic is just amazing, clever and witty... not forced at all. I love your portrayal of Robb and Dany.
7/31/2017 c50 Guest
So Aegon is on his way?
7/14/2017 c50 Yearldey
Omg this is such a good story! You have to update!
7/10/2017 c1 Agent Frank
Strange pairing, but I really like this first chapter.
5/24/2017 c1 3Mohammad.Alzo
l do not abandon the story
4/13/2017 c50 1Reginaa2111
It's a shame a story as lovely as yours hasn't been updated for so long. Hope life's been kinder to you since your last update. I really enjoyed your story!
4/13/2017 c50 femalefarrier
Keep going loving the story
4/13/2017 c43 femalefarrier
My heart and ovaries melted in this last scene with Jamie and his daughter beautifully written
3/13/2017 c50 10GeeImKate
I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EVERY CHAPTER BUT I WAS JUST TOO ENTHRALLED WITH THE STORY THAT I HAD TO CONTINUE READING. I loved the plot. i especially enjoyed that instead of keeping the stark children like opposite side of the magnets, you let them find each other which is very satisfying to read. It's the heavy feeling i wished i could loose as i watched the show. And you are right with what you said with the author notes, i really didn't think Dany and Robb would click, but i have to give this one to you and say: You did a great job because this is now a solid ship in my book. clap clap!

Let me tell you about the things i loved, the details i'm thankful for. (_)v

First of all i'm just happy a lot of good people who died, still lived. That alone, perked me up.

I really enjoyed reading about the Dragons. I loved the fact that Rheagal answers to Robb aside from Dany. It felt wonderful when he commands Dracarys and Rhaegal follows through and how he protects Robb in the battlefeild. It was wonderful because it felt very intimate, Dany's relationship with her dragons and how Robb slowly earned their loyalty. :) Just as how the Direwolves, especially Greywind, behaves towards Daenerys.

I appreciate the turn of events that happened that prevented a lot of catastrophic events in line with the show. Dany's guts, intuition & instincts about what to do with Theon, Sansa, Walder Frey and Jamie. (spazz: Gosh if only she could have been there for real! so many things could have been avoided!) How Arya refused to follow Jaqen H'ghar to Braavos. How the Red Wedding didn't play out as it should have been. XD Everything lead to a wonderful series of events that seated really well to your plot line. :)

I love it when you use the words "pudgy hands" XD Iagan's pudgy hands. it's so cute! How his cute pudgy hand would reach out to his papa. :3

The development of relationships. How Catelyn slooooooowly but surely became fond of Dany. How Robb and Dany seemed to have a rocky relationship as well, it wasn't perfect and it's beautiful like that. They fight then they make up and that made them stronger. Jamie and Robb and how they were able to see eye to eye near the end and how trusting they became with the King Slayer. Dany and Theon's relationship as well, how they fought for Robb's trust. The whole thing wasn't rushed, and every relationship bloomed by the end.

I love and respect the books and the Show, that's a given. But i'm still thankful to be able to enter an AU with things being different but slightly still in sync with the original plot. You've written this beautifully, following the events but not failing to show us how much time has passed. :)))

Amazing work! No wonder it has the most Faves ;)
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