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for Frozen Fire

9/2/2016 c50 jenni10121
love this are you still writing it
8/10/2016 c50 1SomeGuy300
After reading all day yesterday and nearly all night I am on love with this story. Every chapter I read made we read the next to know what will happen to Robb and Dany. The drama the tribulations the fights between them and the world around them are just so much that I need to keep going to see if they make it out alright. The love they have is strong and only made stronger with all they experience even with their fights with each other. I can only imagine it right now and I hope that you can continue it soon I LOVE THIS STORY!
7/30/2016 c22 2Toria1181
Seven months and no new chapter? Please update soon
7/26/2016 c31 Toria1181
You should post this on archive of our own they need more Robb and Daenerys stories on there
7/21/2016 c50 20livebyinsanity
A beautiful story! I have loved watching how the characters grow over time. I'm really look forward to finding out where this fic will go next.
7/20/2016 c50 beautiful-and-dread
Please update soon!
7/18/2016 c50 BioHazard82
Great story. Please update soon!
7/13/2016 c50 Dan
Conti? :$
7/12/2016 c50 Ayami1567
Great story! one of the best Robb/Dany stories I've come across. Hope they get to enjoy the peace and each other now that the war has ended.
7/4/2016 c30 7knit-wear
I love that this story is basically: if Dany had married Robb in season 2 everyone would be alive and happy, pretty much, except Ned Stark obviously. Don't get me wrong, that appeals to me greatly, this is a much nicer story than Game of Thrones ever gave us. I also like how Dany has more of that regal backbone here rather than being a shrinking, crying wife locked up in Winterfell. I reckon Robb would have ended up dead via dragon for trying to keep her locked up in the HBO-verse. She definitely needs to save him from something awful to stay in character.
7/3/2016 c50 rimms
are you going to update the story?
6/28/2016 c47 darkfairy12
6/26/2016 c2 2Toria1181
Still loving this story please update soon
6/25/2016 c50 Batman Fanatic
I never would have thought of a Robb and Dany pairing. I'm gald I read this story, it was so wonderful the interactions between the characters. Can't wait till read more.
6/8/2016 c23 Guest
I did love this chapter and the direction it took. But one thing I'd critique is daenerys' reactions, I don't believe she'd ever be a girl that would run after a man and weep for him. I think she would've cried silently but wouldn't beg for forgiveness, but would redeem herself in a better way. But I do love how raw and real this story is so great job!
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