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for Frozen Fire

1/7/2016 c49 Guest
Hey are you still Writing this?
12/22/2015 c2 5Pyromania101
More beautiful than Cersei? Not yet.
12/14/2015 c49 2Toria1181
SANSA AND GENDRY?! Nooooo I don't approve Robb and Daenerys is perfect arya can't just be alone she deserves gendry. Sansa is my queen and all but no her and gendry don't mix. Sansa has been through the worst and she shouldn't marry
12/10/2015 c8 Guest
Please continue, there is still a whole lot you can do with this story! And what about some of the people you seemed to forget about? What happened to Robb's Great Uncle the Blackfish and Uncle Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey after the failed Red Wedding? Where are Daenerys' handmaidens? What about Cersei's execution? Will Robb and Daenerys name Theon the next Lord of the Iron Islands since Theon never betrayed him like in canon and he and Robb are still best friends? In the later chapters it said Cersei poisoned Joffery and Tommen so we know they are dead, but where is Myrcella? There is still a lot of unanswered questions so please get to that and please continue!
12/8/2015 c2 Not well written
People don't talk like this, and the Robb and Dany written here bear little resemblance to the characters in Martin's books.
11/26/2015 c49 2tsuri182718
oh its sweetier!
11/19/2015 c49 3Sk8ernv
A truly amazing story. I cannot wait to see what comes next.
11/9/2015 c1 Guest
Please update soon this is amazing
11/9/2015 c49 sallymae28
This story is AMAZING! I hope you decide to continue on with it
10/21/2015 c49 Pedobear412
Wow this is by far the best GoT fic I've read
Keep up the good work
10/15/2015 c6 20thepkrmgc
i think you got the timing wrong, tyrion gets arrested months before things get crazy in kings landing
10/10/2015 c49 iTotallyShipIt
I've read all 49 chapters of this fanfic, and I loved every single word. At first I was a Dany/Jon fan; however, after reading this amazing story, I've become the biggest Robb/Dany fan. This is one of the few fanfics about Dany, and Robb, please continue it!
9/20/2015 c49 Khailey Egen
One of the best fanfictions ever. I always love Robb/Dany, and this beautiful story made me really happy. You're my hero! Please update soon!
9/17/2015 c49 Guest
Actually please keep updating, it's been too long
9/7/2015 c18 6Spartan-168-Django
17 and 18 are probably the best chapter combo in this entire story. 17 ended on the perfect cliffhanger, and the whole birthing sequence was well done, and I think it's great that every major character was given something to do. But the best part of these two chapters I think is the symbolism here: we have a "bleeding star" (the red sunrise) and the "smoke", and we have the Ironborn representing the "salt". Thus, Ladies and Gentlemen, it would appear that Iagan Starkaryen is indeed the Prince Who Was Promised! ;-)
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