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for Frozen Fire

4/28/2020 c51 Guest
4/27/2020 c51 MautDews
Great story, finish it in a month, love the storyline.
2/1/2020 c50 HSkarsgard
Read this again cos I love a Dany/Rob fanfic.
1/4/2020 c43 charly12
I really like this story.
When will it be next?
12/8/2019 c51 Paula James
A well written Robb/Dany pairing,& very realistic. I also like how Jaime made a decision to be with his daughter,Berit; love how he snuck up on Stannis! The ending was awesome, too( & )!
11/19/2019 c6 5RowdyRob
once again I sit to read this story. I shared a link to it with several people I am friends within second life. One lives in Spain and had her avatar look like Daenerys, she was happy to receive the link and her bf from Australia is gonna read this as well.
10/15/2019 c51 2ABEBOABDU
man really good story
10/6/2019 c51 Guest
Please update i love robb and his daughter
7/25/2019 c51 airam.esma
Really hope you continue the story someday, it definitely is one of my favourites ever.
7/11/2019 c2 5RowdyRob
Robb contemplates her birth means mary who you are told to he is amazed at her song classic rock song By ELO ,Never Seen Nothing Like YOu comes to mind.
7/4/2019 c3 kiwiSD
I’m honestly confused because in the first chapter you made reference to “the usurpers death” but in the second and third you make it sound like Robert is still alive..
6/20/2019 c51 Jakes94
Awesome story. Had me coming back for more.
Very well written.
Well done
6/2/2019 c51 Ed
Really amazing read, I hope you have plans to continue the story.
6/1/2019 c51 jocka.paiva
When will you comeback? Please...this isnt finished and there's still much potential (the Night King and their 3rd daughter). Comeback I beg you

I read this in 2 days, amazing stuff
5/27/2019 c51 Guest
i love this stories the way the fight because of their nature but made a dynasty. do not see robb being manipulated by a woman. he is a stark man, but he is very intelligent; he has seen what a great credulity in the honor and word of men have done to his family his father. being too honorable can kill you in this world. he must therefore be smarter, think coldly, make decisions that are carefully thought out, and know how to act when necessary. he is a warrior but also a tactician. he is young but also very intelligent and observant, a kind of genius but if he knows that human nature can be very dark, he also knows that it is always the people and the weak who pay for the mistakes made by the rich. in this he is a stark, he has been forced to transform, to become a man very quickly, but also to show the world that we can not impugn a stark without paying the consequences . he learned a lot from his father a real man of the north descendant of the first men, noble, royal, a man who had his place of leader in the world he surrounded but who went astray by love and friendship for his king in South. robb is a northern man a real stark but he was also raised by a woman from the south, so he knows their strength and weakness because catelyn never wanted to make his children weak, she fell in love with a man so different from southern men, good, loyal, fair and honorable but she did not forget that from where she comes the men are cunning, ruthless and ruthless and I think she made sure that if his children are threatened he becomes as pitiless as their enemies while remaining honorable stark (and binds them until their death to their family, loyal to each other as only the stark ones know) but only to those who deserve it . his son robb is the incarnation, pitiless, cold calculator, cunning, of a great intelligence but also charismatic, a leader not loved by his people, respect and admire by his warriors, knowing how to acquire for life the loyalty of his subjects because having a heart their well being. That's why the targaryen with their dragons or despite them can not beat robb, he is the incarnation of a real king, able to kneel his opponents and make them loyal subjects. He is young but he had the advice of his father and he did not forget that his father died because of a woman, the most beautiful woman in the world can never handle or use it, a margerys will always be six steps behind him and a daneyris can not measure himself read either but for another reasoni. in a way she wants to work for the good of her people and has things in common with robb but she thinks herself superior to others, she thinks that the throne is back to her by her blood when she did nothing to merit she is fighting for her for power not for the common good. a man like robb will always be superior, he won his place while all the loser designant, it is a survivor who has won his place and if it is the revenge that motivates it is also the protection of his family he has in mind but also the north because no northern man likes as much north as the stark. he could surprise everyone, he has even earned the respect of tyrion and may be his allegiance if he recognizes that robb will not kill him because he has nothing to do with what happened to his family. and when he chooses a woman, he will choose her beautiful and wise but also intelligent and not naive, she can try to manipulate him but in the end will find his master because if a wolf is faithful he remains the leader of the pack.
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