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11/27/2017 c20 Marvelmyra
If you are following the show then Bran was 10 when he fell.! Not 8.! No-one really blamed Jamie for DOING whatever... He ( Robb ) had the ADVICE off... Not advices... ...more now that my dear sister has MADE so many wrong decisions... Bran and Rikon must be so much bigger now then when she left home. ...she couldn't make herself stand up to her and refuse to write the letter... ...What would Become of her if she refused... ...when they had insulted Joffery he had ORDERED them killed... Dear me. Tywin is an arrogant idiot at times. Mutilating Sansa will only enrage Robb. And what will Robb do then ? Not give up.
11/27/2017 c15 Marvelmyra
How is it possible for Dany to have spent months with Robb's army and not to have seen Roose Bolton and recognised him from her dreams.?
11/26/2017 c51 18Shekb ma Shieraki anni
I'm so glad you're back
Thank's for this magnificent story
I've been waiting for this chapter for to long
11/26/2017 c51 Talitha-Aluviel
Welcome back! So glad you're continuing this story. :)
11/26/2017 c7 Marvelmyra
You need to remember those Killed ( not murdered ) by your sword ( or any other weapon ) ! And you need to remember Why they had to die. It is not murder if it is in defense of your own, or Justice being served.
11/26/2017 c6 Marvelmyra
In the new SADDLE for a horse.! Not a chair.
11/26/2017 c51 8darkwolf76
You updated! Yay! Thank you for a delightful early Christmas present!:-D It was such a sweet chapter, and there are more direwolves! That's awesome. This fic continues to be amazing. Keep up the great work!
11/26/2017 c51 3StarkTeller
Makes sense... Nymeria left Arya in the show and Arya said "that's not you."... Arya said that because Nymeria is a free spirit just like Arya is... Love this story!
11/26/2017 c51 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
11/26/2017 c51 gottoluvme11
Your back! And a very good chapter I hope there is more to come
11/26/2017 c51 Akira-Hayama
Holy shit, I was literally sitting there for a minute wondering if this story had actually updated. Don't take that the wrong way coz this is one of the first GoT story I've read and you're literally the reason why I love Dany and Robb as a pairing and it's because of this story. Though I'm not expecting updates to be coming regularly, I'm just happy this story isn't dead
11/26/2017 c51 Fenrir44
FINALY goddamm that took you long and dont worry the chapter is great the only downside is nymaria running back to the forest and not to arya
11/26/2017 c51 unhine
Holy shit when i saw this i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me
11/26/2017 c50 3StarkTeller
Come back! T.T
11/26/2017 c35 StarkTeller
Omg! That's how you write the red wedding! Woooooooo! LOVE IT! I would do it exactly like that... Oh yeah and fuck Talisa! Hate that bitch! Lol...
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