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for Electrical Resistance

12/18/2020 c5 6Dreamer of Wings
This was really exciting, but I'm guessing there is no continuation coming up?
4/6/2014 c1 HeroesGeek
There is not a word to describe your amazing writing. Pleeeaaaasssse continue as soon as possible! PLEASE! OK, your writing is
Admirable Brilliant Crazy:) Dazzling Epic Fantastic Great! Hallelujah! Ingenious JustPerfect Keen Lovely Marvelous Neat Overwhelming Perfect Quirky Radical Super Terrific Unmatchable VeryVeryGood! Wowww Xcellent Yatta! Zany:)
I. Love. It. Must continue! (I apologize for any redundancy, spelling errors, and improper grammar.) :):):):):):):)
7/19/2013 c1 3Artista321
Oh my gosh, I just love your writing! It is so good! Keep it up and if you have any extra time, check out my new fic, if you like LOTR that is... :)
6/10/2013 c1 3Sir Soz
Good start :)

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