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for Azulaang Week 2013

2/2/2021 c8 DoubleDream
WOW These were so cute. I especially love Zuko being an ass and cockblocking them with tea.
9/19/2015 c8 bitchymalfoy
Wow. Wow. Wow. Genius!
11/13/2013 c8 guhgiog08e9rhiogoiheg98whgiogo
Great story! Please continue!
8/25/2013 c8 wolf439
more please
7/1/2013 c1 is azula good
from nico
6/18/2013 c8 2Sakarya
I wish there was more passion in Aang and Azula's relationship...some type of conflict. Or atleast Azula & Aang vs people's opinion of them being together. I guess that will be coming in later chapters?
6/17/2013 c8 10sablefalls
Aw so Ozai does have a heart! I like it and could see it being very in character for both of them.
6/17/2013 c8 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
mmmmm yeah ,pretty much and logic ,
6/16/2013 c7 10sablefalls
Long live Azulanng!
6/16/2013 c6 sablefalls
I about choked when I read the cockblock comment. Ah, Azula... so delightfully blunt!
6/16/2013 c7 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
mmmmm i like ,cool
6/16/2013 c6 2Sakarya
i would love to read other people perspective on aang and azula's growing relationship!
6/16/2013 c4 Sakarya
love that she initiates everything.
6/14/2013 c4 10sablefalls
Haha I like this. It's like little snippets moving the story forward.
6/13/2013 c4 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
awwwww, fuck ,its be reallyyyy romantic ,short but romantic anyway
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