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2/11/2018 c13 Mhw1998
Love it!
10/27/2017 c13 monkeybaby
Love this!
9/4/2015 c13 54SPNxBookworm
I am so sorry it took me so long to get to this. I remember reading this half way and then bookmarking it to come back later and finish it. This is glorious. Though I totally yelled indignantly right along with Becca when Dean had her pinned against the car :P

I love how excited she was throughout the whole thing :D

Yeah, it was short, but you ended it perfectly. :D I love this so so so much! Awesome job as always, love! :D
7/4/2015 c13 Guest
uh is this how this story ends are will there be another chapter?
7/2/2015 c13 110sweetkiwi604
"Even Batman wishes he was Dean Winchester." Lol great line. This was such a treat to see the banter between the three of them but mostly Dean and Becca. I love that he drove them to an empty lot so they were far away from the Impala. Sam wanting to do it perfectly was so in character and then Becca slamming down on the gas pedal. Fantastic. Truly showed how opposite they really are. More BB please :)
7/2/2015 c13 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Oh Gawd! Dean is going to strangle her. Lol! Short but very good :)
7/2/2015 c13 0000-cuvjhv0hvn
Okay that was just lovely! Dean and his Baby are like a couple all on their own.
It would be interesting to see where and why that speech that Dean forces Becca to say originated!
Keep writing...and thanks for the mention! :-D
7/1/2015 c13 10Jenmm31
This was epic! I was smiling and laughing during the whole thing. I could so picture this happening. Dean was very much in character and Beccas comebacks were behind great. "Just your big ego" hahahaha. This was short, sweet, and perfect. I'm going to read it again! Amazing job :)
6/21/2015 c12 Jenmm31
First, let me apologize for taking years to get to this chapter! It was so good, I had to read it twice to really let all of the emotions sink in. You are super sneaky, btw. You were in cahoots with Kate and I didn't even know it! I'm already emailing her stories over to you so you can just go ahead and write them haha. I love how you wrote them "working" together in Chemistry class...and her killing the class pet?! haha. Oh, Becca. I love how Kate's Dean mocked her when she waved and how they no longer pretend to all be sisters bc of the Dean/Sam/John x 4 confusion hahaha. The fighting at the beginning was so intense that I felt like I was right there with them, all caught up in the anger and hurt. Dean was spot on...I feel like it was a mixture of him being an annoying brother who likes to egg her on, him doing what John said, and him opting for her staying elsewhere during a hunt bc then he has one less sibling to worry about getting hurt during a hunt...maybe it allows him to focus more? But then I very much understand Becca's anger and hurt! That ass. Even tho it was told from Becca's POV, I feel like there was a good balance between the two sides, letting us see how Becca feels, but just enough details to let us speculate on Dean's side of things too. Loved seeing Bobby in this chapter too...and Becca standing up for him at the store. Next time she needs to throw some punches! And the fire part...hahahaha. Oh Becca. At least she didn't sneeze and it went up in flames :P Amazing job! This is one of my favorite chapters! I am going to read this a billion times and then go back and read all the others! Be very proud of this my friend!
6/19/2015 c12 Guest
I keep waiting for Becca to do something drastic to get her family to understand how much they hurt her
6/18/2015 c12 54SPNxBookworm
Holy moly. This was just brilliant. I do not kid you, I was in literal tears towards the bit where Becca just told Bobby that she didn't want to be there if he didn't want her. Like, being a burden. Man, this chapter was just absolutely amazing. I was just as pissed and totally on Becca's side with the beginning with Dean.

Loved, loved, loved that you brought Kate in! Definitely chuckled at the image of Sadie probably scolding Becca for not paying attention xD Totally true :P

I was almost crying towards the end and then the whole seeing a spider and basically setting fire to Bobby's study totally turned things around.

"Did you get pepperoni?"

That has to be the best ending ever, omg! :'D

Brilliant, brilliant job, babe! This is just...*flails* HOW DO YOU WRITE SO WELL, OHMYGOD.

Adore this. Can't wait for more! :D
6/17/2015 c12 110sweetkiwi604
Okay settle in for your review on this fantastic chapter. Don't you ever think Dean is out of character. Even though it's not written you know he cares for Becca and really just wants to keep her safe-maybe even avoid more fights with their dad-in his own asshole way lol. I like how you mentioned she walks pushed harder than her brothers during training. I think that was important to point out. I'm wondering though if Dean was more angry that she compared him to John or that she hated him. Feeling as though she was losing her friendship with Sam and to her own brother nonetheless about broke my heart. You always know how to balance the angst and the humor though so it's definitely a full read. Favorite humor moments in this chapter? Day-mare. Killing the class pet. Talking about all the Sam's and Dean's. You were going to touch it hahaha. But you also linked it really well with the show. Mentioning the tight budget when shopping and knowing how to stretch that dollar. I have to say I absolutely love how you handled the town knowing Bobby as the drunk. It felt very "don't judge a book by its cover." And not many stories remember to even mention it. You? You knocked it out of the park. I see Becca likes flames...my panda does too ;) And do you feel me glaring at you? Do you? I hope so. Did it have to be a spider?! It couldn't be like an ant or something
*shivers* Becca trying to figure out what to do though and her " .crap." was very Winchester! So I'm curious.. did he get the pepperoni? Xoxo
3/11/2015 c11 54SPNxBookworm
First of all, the little A/N in the beginning made me love you even more, haha. If that was even possible. Loved the plug for Emily ;) You sure know how to convince people to read it. ;)
As for this? I squealed in delight when I saw the update in my alerts. Totally knew it was going to be worth it, and it definitely was.

As a person who has had these types of teachers, I completely connected with Becca. I used to be the type of kid (kind of still am) that just took the shit someone said to me and never retaliated. And a teacher or two took advantage of it. I had a science teacher in 5th grade who did that. And another one in 6th, history teacher who would always show me down in front of my entire class because I'd all but failed one test she'd conducted. She'd concluded that I was a dunce because I failed ONE class test and always made me feel like shit in class for every thing I did.

Anyway, you portrayed Becca's anger and hurt perfectly. I loved this so so so much! I loved how Sam was annoyed with Becca for leaving without him but after a concerned glance from Dean, he immediately understood that something was up with Becca.

"Because you're a dick." For some reason, I laughed out loud at this. Being the most caring and concerned older brother, Dean can totally be a dick sometimes. It just rung true.

These are small things but they made the story for me. When you'd written that Becca was in the shower, I totally thought 'well, she could be listening with the shower just turned on' and I loved when that's exactly what could have happened and what Dean had thought. :D The small nuances like Becca dropping stuff in the shower, her cursing when it did, it just shows that she was frustrated. That everything seemed to be going wrong. I've had that feeling. One instance ends up spoiling the whole day and then it seems like everything is going wrong around you. I loved it.

And OMG THE WHOLE BIT AT THE END WITH BECCA BEING BADASS AND CALLING BULL ON THE TEACHER? *hugs you* I loved that so much omg I was cheering along with her! My heart also broke a little when Becca mentioned that this was actually 'nice' and that the teacher had done worse :(

"Too tight to take a proper shit a**" Omg I love you for this line! xD

Awesome job hon! Long review is long. I'm sorry! But I simply adored this. And I can't wait to see what you have in store for My Twist! :D
3/10/2015 c11 110sweetkiwi604
First, I love your plug for Not Our Emily haha. Muah xoxo
Okay. Review time. I could see all your little changes and it I smiled every time I read another one. Oh how I've missed my Becca and I was so happy to get my fix! The way you described her anger in the beginning was so on point that I almost started feeding off of it. I love that Sam is annoyed with Becca but all it takes is for him to see Dean's concerned face for him to look back to his sister and notice she isn't just being an annoying 16 year old chick. When I read the part about the possibility that she wasn't actually in the shower but just had the water running I was like yessssss. Totally thought I was the only one who did that haha. Dean's pure confusion on why Becca wouldn't come to him was great to read but Sam's simple, "Because you're a dick." was hilarious. You adding that she dropped something in the shower and we heard her cursing was very clever. It not only added to the clumsiness that is Becca but adds to the fact that when you're having a bad day everything goes wrong. Besides the fact that the teacher got off WAY easy (way to go Becca and Dean though) I especially love the end of this. Too many times in the show we hear about them sitting on the hood of the Impala drinking, watching the stars, or even driving all night to see a concert but we rarely see it even in fanfictions. So that really made me smile. You keep up the good work, you hear? And more more more!xoxo
3/10/2015 c11 10Jenmm31
What is this wonderfulness of you posting! Your writing is still as awesome, even though I'm pretty sure it's reached new levels of kick A-ness! I loved all of the descriptions and the dialogue going on in this chapter. Becca's little outburst towards the teacher was epic. Good for her handling it and not even needing Dean! So many gold stars for you! Cannot wait to read more :)
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