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3/10/2015 c11 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Thank you for Sammy speaking up and I can imagine Dean standing there like that, go Becca! Loved this a chapter and hope I hope it helps change things between Becca and Dean. :)
1/12/2015 c10 54SPNxBookworm
I can't even form words right now. I'm supposed to be studying for an exam tomorrow but seeing this update in my email got me running here first.
Holy mother of crap.
Do you even realize how amazing you are at writing? I literally sit here with tears blurring my vision because, f*ck, I am heart broken right now.

I do believe that if John did abuse or hit someone in anger, especially when drunk, it was Dean. This is brilliant. And so believable.


I also know that yes, you are busy but that doesn't mean that I won't come to you every now and again asking about Becca. *winkwink*

I am terrified for what's gonna come next. EEEP.

Update soon! (And by that I mean whenever you can. But yes. Still gonna come around asking for Becca and /other/ stuff. You know what it is. Probably. Yup. Also, in case I didn't say it already, OHMYGOD YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING)
1/11/2015 c1 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Good start!
1/11/2015 c10 110sweetkiwi604
Can I hug you? Yes? Good. *hugs* Panda you EVER say that you don't write well again and I will smack you in the back of the head. First and foremost, after reading this and having already read MT it makes my heart ache for Becca that much more. This was a great example of John in my opinion. I almost want to see what he would say the next time he saw her when he was sober. I can't see him apologize but there would be that knowledge of what he did hanging heavily in the air. You brought up a good point asking if Sam knew. Okay but to the actual review. Sorry. Rambling :)
"You made me do that, Rebecca." Automatically not taking responsibility for what he did. Putting it on her because he already had one kid slip between his fingers. Her moment of fight or flight and wanting it to stop but him being her father nonetheless. Her apologizing over and over really hit a chord with me and my chest got tight just reading it. Dean not saying anything but his eyes speaking volumes. You captured his character so well that I'm left in awe. "For or from him?" That line made me stop reading for a moment. Such a punch line (no pun intended) that couldn't have been more perfectly crafted. Dean's need to keep his siblings safe no matter what rings out through this and I love it. But the part that made me smile despite the heavy topic of this chapter was when she said that he was done cleaning messes up by himself. Fantastic job, darling :) xoxo
1/11/2015 c10 10Jenmm31
This was so wonderfully written! I was hurting right alongside Becca. Poor thing! Loved the moments between her and Dean and how she was trying to digest all of the new info. So many high fives and gold stars. Can't wait to read more :)
12/13/2014 c9 Guest
I enjoyed this chapter and was happy to see you updated again. You are very talented. Wish there will be more.
12/13/2014 c9 Jenmm31
I love this little gem of a chapter! Even from a young age, we can see her determination! I bet she was very proud that she managed to do it all by herself. I was cheering her along each time she fell, poor thing! So happy you updated! I soooooo hope you have more stuff up your sleeve :)
12/12/2014 c9 54SPNxBookworm
Awww! :D I absolutely love this!
Love how Becca was very determined to do this herself, and that she didn't give up either, even after falling over so many times.

She totally deserves to be proud of herself. You go, Becca!

Even though Dean may have been annoyed and even worried, I think he'd have been proud of her baby sister too. I don't know. Just a thought. ;)

Awesome job as always hon! :D Loved it!
12/12/2014 c9 110sweetkiwi604
You're too sweet. This was you I just planted the seed in your head ;) I absolutely love when you do it in third person, your descriptions are so spot on that you put me right there in the story. Her telling the other kids about a bike she never owned. I can just see her making up all of the stories about it with an enthusiasm like Dean would have. Sam and Becca finishing Dean's sentence because they had heard it so many times. Little details like that is what makes your stories all the more believable. I still love that she taught herself how to ride a bike and when she said "I did it" you could feel her pride. Kudos, my love. This is fantastic xoxo
6/15/2014 c8 SPNxBookworm
This was brilliant! Sorry for guesting, FF won't let me sign in for some reason. :/

I love her struggle with the brothers, her fear of losing Sam, of being left out, of Dean being a jerk to her. Seriously, I was kinda pissed at Dean at bits and totally understood Bec.

The ending was so sad! Especially when we know that Sam DID leave. He left for Stanford.

Poor Becs. I just want to hug her.

Amazing update! Eagerly looking forward to more :) And I loved the addition of Kate and Leah ;)
6/15/2014 c8 deangirl2333
Great Chapter! LOVED IT!
6/14/2014 c8 sweetkiwi604
Umm excuse me miss there is a little problem in your author's note, there is no thanks necessary this was amazing.
Okay now sit down and let me review this properly :)
You kept her very 14 which I thought was brilliant. A lot of times writers will mix ages and I roll my eyes but her skipping third period to get makeup lessons was perfect. Then trying to remember what the girls had told her was hysterical. Talking about the possibility of two Deans and never one whole Becca was very Winchester. Damn you Dean how dare you take your sister's happiness away! He's being Dean but such an ass like Becca is less than Sam in a way and Sam knows it but he is trying to cover it up for her sake. Not even going to lie totally gasped when Anthony reached to turn the radio down. What does he think he is doing?! NO ONE TOUCHES THE RADIO! Ah! Dean needs to shut his mouth or Leah is going to shoot him for talking to Becca like that no wonder the two don't get along. 'Is that the only poor sucker that you could get to go with you to the dance?' Is he serious?! Okay yeah he tried to redeem himself but sheesh that comment was unnecessary. And then you give me the aww moment when she tells Sam that Dean thinks she's pretty :) And Leah will be shooting Anthony and whats-her-blonde too. And then there you go throwing in those little lines that we all know Becca feels but the alcohol is taking her filters away like telling him to stay the same height so they can be equals together. She is tired of being left behind :( I'm sorry but the 'I think they're dead' Who? Still gets me haha Dean only yells when you mess up?! Like that's not going to make her think that nothing she ever does is good enough. Good Lord by the end of this fic Leah will have killed them all! The one time she actually WANTS Sam to press her for information and he makes a stupid joke like Dean would. Becca's little breakdown at the end telling Sam how things between her and Dean weren't good and how he was turning into him. Ugh. Feels, dude. And that last line was a nice punch. Beyond Becca this had a lot of emotion put behind it that is very relatable which only brings your story to a whole new level. No stones, no pillows or marshmallows thrown at you ;) This was great and you should be proud of it!
2/11/2014 c7 10Jenmm31
OMG, could this chapter be any cuter?! I love how even at such a young age, Becca had Sam's back and she was very determined for Dean to make things right with him haha. The best part was her reasoning...if Dean didn't apologize then he wasn't their brother anymore haha. Amazing job! You (and Becca) hit all the characters spot on! You write in third person ssooooo amazingly. Teach me how haha! And you are too kind for the shoutout, even though I wasn't much help! Lol I hope you get inspired at work for another idea! You are on a roll with these :)
2/11/2014 c7 54SPNxBookworm
Okay, so I'm a douche.
I'd finished reading this like while our chat was going on and I JUST realized that I hadn't reviewed. Fail. Ugh. *facepalm*

Anywho, this was so freaking cute. I love how you kept ALL three in total character. Because if this was canon, I'd be squealing because seriously...Becca needs to be real.
6 year old Becca is still the same sassy, smart-a**, jolly, adorable Becca ;)
I love her! :D

This was unexpected and a lovely start to my day! :D You did a marvelous job!

And can I just say? The way you write third person P.O.V. is PERFECTION OHMYGOD.

You are seriously rocking this! ;)
2/11/2014 c7 110sweetkiwi604
I wasn't expecting a chapter so soon but this was a pleasant surprise! I know I've said it before but I absolutely LOVE when you write in general point of view! Such an adorable chapter fiesty Becca was Sam-tastic as always. Little fire ball she is!
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