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2/10/2014 c6 110sweetkiwi604
OK you ever say this was blah again I'm going to have to knock you upside the head. This. Was. Amazing!

Her witty comebacks to the cops questioning was very Winchester. Sneaking out of the police station the way she did was brilliant. I was fully engaged from beginning to middle to end.
Making Grimes a cop nice touch ;)

Your case was awesome!

Gold stars all around! :)
2/8/2014 c6 dzygmunt9
Thank you for writing this chapter it is very good.
2/7/2014 c6 54SPNxBookworm
Sorry. I fangirl every time Becca is updated.
Can I just say how awesome this was?
I loved the case to bits...
Becca and her sass. Adore. Like, forrealsies

And that ending. IT ALL FITS!
This was your best work so far my friend!
This was brilliant! :D
2/7/2014 c6 10Jenmm31
jaslkfjasrjuijadlksfds. That was my reaction to this. The last two lines literally gave me chills! Like knowing that this is what all leads up to the other part and that and this and AUGH! It's all just so good. Favorite line? "I told Dean he should look into getting a colonoscopy because he's full of crap" hahaha. Had me laughing out loud! You wrote an entire chapter and came up with the case and everything...that's some mad talent right there. I love how original it was, yet sooo very Becca and Winchestery. And John just taking off? How so very John of him, haha. You did an amazing job with all of the descriptive writing and helping us to create the image in our heads! You are so freaking talented its unreal! I cannot wait to read more Beccccccca. So many high fives for this chapter. Now that FF is working again, I'm going to go back and read it again.
11/2/2013 c5 4Lewlou15
I think this is my favorite chapter of this series so far. I could totally imagine Dean being a super protective big brother to Becca.
Favorite line: "Yeah, well, you look like a foot!" Seriously, I'm still laughing about that line!
11/2/2013 c5 110sweetkiwi604
Holy moly I don't even have words. This was fabulously written! I gasp when they got in the car and Dean asked about sex. Both brothers were very in character and this was just wow.

And poor Sam with no cupcake :(
11/2/2013 c5 3GallagherBlackthorneZammie
I loved this chapter! Have you thought about having kinda a part 2 like where john overhears them talking about it and tempers happen or something?
11/2/2013 c5 10Jenmm31
Omg. This was amazing. Like...not even words. I remember you telling me about this story ages ago and I forgot about it so it was a nice surprise to see it published. Aaahhh. I was laughing out loud as I imagined dean lifting the guy up and burning him with the light hahaahha. Soooo Dean. I love how overprotective he was and then Sam trying to calm him down and all...loved it. It was perfect and perfectly in character. And dean had to take things to the extreme by saying Becca has to take a pregnancy test haha. You should do a part 2 bc I want to know what Sam got Becca for her bday and what Dean got her! Haha...also, I loves the relationship between Sam and Becca and how close they are...but then that was kind of questioned at the end. I'm just in awe of how amazingly you write these chapters. I still have 6hrs left at these presentations so that's perfect so I can go back and reread all these chapters! Ah, perfect. That's what this is! So many gold stars!
11/2/2013 c5 54SPNxBookworm
OH my god. You literally made me tear up at the end at Becca's reaction. I get that Dean's being protective of his sister...well, OVERprotective after she's crossed THAT stage, but yeesh, give Aaron a break man. Not all boys are d*cks. (Excuse the swearing)

Awesome, awesome update! :) I love how Sam was taking Becca's side.

What had she lied to him about in the past? I'm curious. Also, I'd love to see a continuation of this chapter, maybe them patching up, Dean knowing that Becca wasn't lying. Maybe Becca blowing up at the hovering, the rules and the restrictions from Dean and telling him that she isn't a little kid anymore. There would obviously come a day when she would do...it...but that may be even years later...something like that. Totally your choice if you want to write it or not :)

Once again, awesome chapter! I loved it! You are super talented. I quote YOU and say - THIS WAS AMAZEBALLS!

Sorry for the rambling...
10/28/2013 c4 3SpendForever-inmy-PoisonArms
ahhh! these are soooo cute! you should totally write some more.
8/23/2013 c4 10Jenmm31
Omg, this chapter was AMAZING! No joke. You wrote John wonderfully and I feel like everyone was so in character. Dean and Becca butting heads was hilarious! I somehow had a feeling they would end up in the water! hahaha. I hereby demand that you take out the following part from your author's note: "but I don't think I detailed it up to her or your expectations. If you would prefer I revisit and fix it, please, do tell."
YOUR DETAILS WERE SO FREAKING SPOT ON THAT THE ENTIRE THING WAS PLAYING OUT IN MY HEAD. I feel like if you went back and fixed even a single word, it just wouldn't be right because this is PERFECTION.
Out of pure curiosity, is this a story from YOUR life? hahaha.
Wow...okay. I give you all the golden stars in the world because this chapter deserves them. Just..WOW.
8/23/2013 c4 110sweetkiwi604
Ahh, its up! Yay! Breakfast, caffeine and shower had to wait until I read this. I can not say thank you enough for doing this for me even when you have been so busy!

The part where you say that the kids are John's connection to Mary was so profound. I had to pause a minute and smile like an idiot. I mean obviously they are all he has left but I've never thought of it that way.

Even fishing (which was an awesome choice by the way, so much better than mini golf or bowling) each person was so in character. Poor Becca with those leeches :( but at the end when she asks Dean if he is thirsty...priceless.

You did an amazing job with 3rd person and I exceptionally liked how we got to see the situation through John's eyes in a way oh how he sees his kids.

Bravo my love and THANK YOU!
8/23/2013 c4 54SPNxBookworm
See?! I told you it would play out perfectly! :D It made perfect sense! And this was just amazing! I loved it! I love love loved it! Poor Becca though. I totally empathize with her on being clumsy. It could easily have been me than her :P Awesome awesome awesome! Need i say it? MOAR! I WANT MOAR! :D
8/22/2013 c4 zaneeta6605
OH MY GOD! The winchesters going fishing? On a boat? like...TOGETHER?! The whole thing was hilarious! I mean, come on! The idea itself WAS hilarious! Imagine becca fishing! Hah! I can only imagine how gross it was for her when she sat down and the leeches sticking at her pants! Oh god! I'm like laughing hysterically reading the whole episode! And when she and dean fell off the boat, and she offers him the can? Did I mention that the whole thing was hilarious? Wait. I did. LOL..
7/11/2013 c3 10Jenmm31
Wow! I was literally smiling the entire time I was reading this. It was adorable. And the way you portrayed John? Perfect. No joke. Consider yourself my official John Consultation Officer for when I have to write him. And the ending was perfect. I love how they have has light hearted moments together :) I'm dying to read more!
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