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7/11/2013 c3 5xxLiveLoveReadxx
Loved this one! Especially the 2nd one, while I love ones when Becca is younger, I love when they are older and have moments. They don't get a lot of them.
7/11/2013 c3 110sweetkiwi604
I know I've said it before but I absolutely love when you do third person. There's just something about it that makes me feel like I'm watching a mini-movie. I like how you related it to years in the future. The sibling memories are what makes them all so close if that makes sense. And requests? I'll have to take you up on that one! Awesome job my dear :)
7/11/2013 c3 Mayrem
Awww, cuteness overload!
7/11/2013 c3 54SPNxBookworm
YOU. ARE. A. GENIUS. :D You are awesome! :D You are just...my favorite person in the whole wide world!
You DO NOT steal ideas from me! :D It's not called stealing. :) A lot of people write stories based on user prompts... :)

I freakin' loved this! Every single bit of it! :D Becca wetting her underwear and John's problem..I jst aww-ed :P And Becca singing to the song and trying to correct Sam! XD Awesome!
MOOOOOO! :P Awesome idea!

And a few years later when the same thing happens...well...kind of...that part was genius! :D

6/23/2013 c2 10Jenmm31
Holy descriptive wonderfulness. This was so great! Like the way you wrote it was just...wow. I could see it all playing out in front of me. And I love how Becca found out. John was sweet in this chapter. Yay! So does this mean that Dean doesn't know that Becca found out at such a young age?
6/22/2013 c2 54SPNxBookworm
Aww! This was adorable! And you had a real unique idea of how Becca found out about the supernatural. Nice going...does that mean she found out BEFORE Sam?
This was awesome...and poor Lydia...Dean going puppy eyes on her..priceless! :D
I updated Sadie ;)
Awesome work! :D Thanks for writing this!
6/22/2013 c2 110sweetkiwi604
Holy mother of pearl that was phenomenal! I don't have even have words yet somehow I ramble on at the pure genius of it! It was as if I was watching a little movie I could picture everything so clearly and they were all so in character even at that young age. Bravo my friend! Keep going! :)
6/14/2013 c1 10Jenmm31
Omg, apparently when you get wrapped up in finals and projects and then proceed to lose your internet for 24 hours only to log on the next day and find out that your friend has posted a new story 4 days ago that you've been anticipating for years. UGH. Story of my life. A billion zillion apologies for not even knowing you posted this before! AH. I'm awful. However, I can say that this has totally made my week worth it. This was a great story and I loved every second of it. I can't get over how well you write the character. My fav line?
"If anything, me breaking your nose made you better looking." hahahah...that is so spot on Dean. And poor Dean for accidentally breaking her nose. I'm sure he felt awful! I cannot wait to read more of these because you are epic. Amazing, amazing job!
6/11/2013 c1 110sweetkiwi604
Umm excuse me...what were you worried about my dear?! That was awesome! And I thank Jenm and SPNxBookworm for peer pressuring you into it! ;) I love how descriptive you when you write. I could literally feel her nose break and crunch back into place. Now I've never been bow hunting but I am a huge fan of archery and you nailed it perfectly. Do I even have to say it? More, more, more please! ((And great picture for the story!))
6/11/2013 c1 gfrevcdrg
SQUEALLSS! This is the cutest thing ever, even the title is already making me hug myself because of the fluffiness. I hoped it would have ended with something like Becca sulking and Dean had to do something to cheer her up, because FLUFF, but Sammy and Bec's moments couldn't have been better! Awesome story, pss, like you ever write something bad. (I'm a really big fan of My Twist *blushes*) Update soon! Or update My Twist, whatever you prefer, because I would read anything by a writer who's as kick ass as you! Even your grocery list.
6/11/2013 c1 zaneeta6605
Oh god poor becca! But I find it a little funny though. Picture this - becca's holding her bloody broken nose, dean looking pale and panicked for hurting becca, and sam was laughing his a** off at the whole situation! What a day!
6/11/2013 c1 54SPNxBookworm
:D This was awesome! :D Loved it! Poor Becca. I ALMOST broke my nose once, and I'm gonna tell you, it hurts a LOT.

The only thing that had me a little bit confused was the last line : "Dad came over and then he elbowed you before I could even do anything."

I think you mentioned in the beginning that "Dean" elbowed Becca right? Not "Dad." Or did i get that wrong? Just a little bit confused is all.
But this was truly awesome! I can't wait to read more on this! :D
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