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4/15/2016 c4 tacoholic24
Oh my goodness gracianious (Joey graceffa) you have to update! It's okay if this is discontinued...this book / story thing is fabulous!
1/27/2016 c4 5ThePinkyNinja
Even though this was updated a long time, can there be more please?
It's fine if it is discontinued
I just think that this was awesome!
1/1/2016 c3 Anonymous
Why Levi, why did you betray Eren, he loved you so much and even let you F*ck him and THIS is how you repay him!?
11/11/2015 c4 Guest
Yes u are queen this is amazing I love it yes
10/30/2015 c1 heyho
10/29/2015 c4 Guest
I just read this, and it's great, but you don't seem like you're continuing this
10/11/2015 c4 Guest
one of the best ereri fanfics ive ever read (›ω‹)
9/26/2015 c4 Guest
7/3/2015 c2 Stein
I'm really liking this so far, & I found the Monty Python reference hilarious XD
6/4/2015 c4 Anonymous
Omg I'm imagining Levi singing 'I Will Always Love You' IM DYING
5/25/2015 c4 lunastarlight
So you haven't updated in almost a year. Should I expect a once a year update? Yes? No? You'll just have to prove it to me. :). This is very dirty but very cute at the same exact time. How do you do it? The world will never know. I agree, no one writes a pair for them. I'll read it so I can see if I like the ship. I would write it but be half expecting it to fail. Now I'm not in collage (I'm only 11) so I don't know the toll it can take on people but I'm pretty sure you can work on your stories a bit at least. With all love, hope, and kindness, bye~ (oh and yes, I'm 11 but I read this kind of stuff and am not fazed by it one bit. My parents don't know that I read this stuff. I'm messed up and crazy (;)
5/2/2015 c4 Guest
OMG these stories are so great! 3 please keep them coming
4/23/2015 c3 cloks
WHOA! that ending felt like a canon blast through my head. Aaaaannnndd...Oh God...I just gotta say, I've been looking for a good S&M/bondage fic of RiRen for a while now and SO FUCKING HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND YOU! Thankyou Thankyou! I Look forward for more nosebleeding scenes!
3/23/2015 c4 6Lizzybear54
Can't wait for the next chapter! This story is so cute and hot! XD

1/15/2015 c2 29TristonKitsune
I got a nosebleed. No joke I am being dead serious, I was reading this and got to where he called his butt his fuck hole and I felt something on my nose, touched it, and it was blood. Well done this is hot
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