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for Corporal's Pet

12/30/2013 c3 Guest
Oh my gosh! This is great! I love this a lot, it's incredibly sexy! please update! I can't wait for more.
12/30/2013 c3 1ShadowShun
Dat ending tho! Update soon! I almost thought u have up on it or sumthin.
12/30/2013 c3 Luna-Slytherin
please update soon
12/30/2013 c3 6Sai-miyoshi
Shit. Just when i thought this was cute T_T
12/30/2013 c3 50Maru de Kusanagi
Stupid Leci! Hurting his pet as that!
12/30/2013 c3 4greenwings33
*sniffles* Poor Eren!
Update soon!
12/23/2013 c2 Chichi
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 3 you make my FUJOSHI-Ness COMPLETE ! can't wait for the next chapter ! o ! PLEASE update sooner or later ! 10 STARS for you ! xDD 2 thumbs up ! your the GREATEST ! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 3
i'll look forward on the NEXT chapter ! :D
More Power and Good Luck ! :D
12/18/2013 c2 greenwings33
Oh my hotness
12/5/2013 c1 Miyuki Satou
This is a very good fanfic!
12/2/2013 c2 5Cute-Fujoshi
Gosh...I...LOVE IT! It's so hooot!

Please...CONTINUE! (And pit a little love heeree...and more Yaoi HAAARD!) XD
11/7/2013 c2 8Fushicho92
I love this so sexy! please keep going XD (darn I sound like a perv) haha but we love it!
8/2/2013 c2 4Sesi Braginskaya
He's no ordinary rabbit.
And oh I want to see angry Mikasa. Mhmmmhm 3:) this will be quite fun indeed
7/23/2013 c2 4artemisaZombie
Oh please update! *w*
7/20/2013 c2 3HoneeBear21
7/20/2013 c1 HoneeBear21
Wow...now my underwear has to be changed..-_-'
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