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for Corporal's Pet

7/15/2013 c2 K
Eren pleasuring him under his desk while doing paperwork while Eren rides a dildo on the floor

Rivaille making Eren ride him on his lap while Eren does paperwork and Eren spurting on the underside of the table

Eren spreading his cheeks and displaying his tight used hole and Rivaille musing on how used it looks

condom filling

I'm sorry I'll stop

good story I just
7/15/2013 c2 K
...Rivaille making Eren wear skimpy lacy underwear...if its black it'll show through :D

using the riding crop on nipples? um
7/15/2013 c2 K
...can I have spanking while Rivaille is inside causing Eren to get even tighter?
7/14/2013 c2 Sakura
This the most perverted smut fic I have ever read, and that's meant as a praise *wink* eren thanking rivaille for his spanking was mind-blowing, genius.
7/5/2013 c2 MoriSpectre
your story is absolutely amazing, I love it. And a Monty Python fan to boot? You, my friend, have impressed me.
7/2/2013 c2 AkaneChan26
OMG that was so dtgipahtvsibefzahudondyodpjsyhdohs 3
6/30/2013 c2 JxiPLUSxi
Awsome fic! Please update soon!-hearts-
6/28/2013 c2 Guest
Next chapter pleeeeease!
6/23/2013 c2 43AsakuraHannah
GOsh this is too hot! 8U -dies in a nosebleed pool- LOL
I was scrolling down when I read that they are lovers, so I go back to the top and start reading, damn it was hot XDDD
6/22/2013 c2 IsyPerolla
Uaaau, this fanfic is so hot, I love very much it *-*
This chapter was wonderful! Eren was great as masochistic and Rivaille as sadistic *o*

"Under the corporal's order, I've been walking around with a vibrator in my ass all day." - WAIT! WHAT? ò.Ó Hahahahaha, poor little Eren, as Rivaille is evil!

Ohhh, the dinner time was fantastic, Eren with a dildo in the ass and Rivaille being mastubando by Eren, that dispute fantastic, huh! Hahahaha.
It is very hot when Rivaille handles with Eren as his bitch, and also very cute when he shows his feelings by Eren. I gave little hops with excitement when Rivaille said he and Eren were lovers, was virtually a declaration, that beautiful *-*
Hmm, I wonder if the Mikasa will try to separate the two? I doubt she will just ignore it... what will be that she up to? I'm so apprehensive about it! ò.Ó

Update the third chapter soon, I am very anxious for more! \õ/
Until next xD
6/22/2013 c2 2Rukimii
Omg I love it! The ending of how the two confessed to each other as lovers are so cute and fluffy! X3
It's so kinky and hot with the S&M thing, and how they dirty talk and Eren being all cute and ashamed!
Totally love Rivaille as the pimp. It's just sooo hot! O,O
This is the most smuttiest story of RiRen Ive ever seen so far and since I'm a total fan of this pairing, you made my day! totally love your work and by all means, please do continue!
6/22/2013 c2 Zane Zavira
*q* IT'S SO HAAWWT... yes.. oh yes masochistic Eren... kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

XD and a fluff in the end...
please make more :3 I'll always wait your update!

6/21/2013 c2 Guest
You ... are ... the ... Best...
6/21/2013 c2 15Orithyea
Kinky. I'm so glad you didn't just make them fuck buddies.
6/21/2013 c2 15JunJouVampire
Dirty talk is my fucking kink. Thank you for this. 3
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