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5/30/2021 c6 OriginalDrumy
I've loved reading this fic so far and I don't want to get to ch. 11 because then I wouldn't have any more chapters to read. Hope you're doing alright.

P.S when Maika said "go to soul society" I feel like that was a Bleach reference.
12/17/2020 c11 jiminicricket
I really want more... ahhh the slow burn between them is just so lovely and realistic
5/24/2020 c11 FighterGirl14
Thanks again for this chapter! Looking forward to the next ones!
5/24/2020 c10 FighterGirl14
Ah I think Maika's met everyone from the GOM now right? Curious to see how she interacts with them more.

The lines at the start of the chapters, as well as those inserted in the middle, I really appreciate them and how they successfully set the tone of each chapter segments. The effort you give is admirable and very effective.
5/23/2020 c8 FighterGirl14
I'm really interested about how Maika being in the Media Club become part of a huge plot twist soon. looking forward to that!
5/21/2020 c7 FighterGirl14
Midorima was on point. I like how you wrote him and his interactions with Maika. The Prince part was also interesting.

I just noticed that there was a shift from calling Midorima "Midorima" to "Shintaro" when Akashi came? Was there a shift in POV?
5/21/2020 c6 FighterGirl14
A meet with Kuroko, finally. I was so excited
5/20/2020 c5 FighterGirl14
Hi! Much appreciation and awe for this chapter again. The short, almost encounters between our main characters were successful in building up anticipation and wistfulness at the same time. I get the feeling of bliss over the friendships to be made, as well as melancholy over the fall out soon after. The last paragraph was a great way to tie up this chapter.

One of the highlights is when Kuroko was observing the people around him. The inferences, the attention to detail-I think you've once again captured one of our characters' traits as well, like you did Akashi. Lastly, I wonder why Kuroko and Maika's almost-encounter seemed momentous-like a prelude to something huge. I wonder what role Kuroko will play in Maika's life.

Oh, question. When did Ogiwara and Maika become good friends like this? I was just wondering because their friendship was mentioned last chapter, but wasn't elucidated much yet. Will you touch on that?

Great chapter!
5/19/2020 c4 FighterGirl14
So, did I understand this correctly? Akashi met Maika way before, and she had... a friend, right? I'm assuming, Ogiwara? This was after his mother's death.

You wrote Akashi's memories, thoughts and sentiments quite effectively. I felt the pain, anger and of course, the complexity you mentioned about in your notes. The portrayal is very well done so far. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

I also appreciate the quotes at the start of the chapters. As well as the short statements in between. They help set the mood and flow.
5/19/2020 c3 FighterGirl14
Maika's analysis as she slowly unearthed Akashi was a very good read. It's interesting how you touched it like a tip of an ice berg, leaving your readers wanting for more. I'm eager to read more about how she'll be able to thaw Akashi out of whatever ice he's encased in.

I must commend also on Akashi's reaction over the fight. As well as his cold disregard and apparent scorn over the teacher's bias. Frightening the teacher even as a kid with smooth politeness is very characteristic of Akashi.

Lastly, I had to recall who Ogiwara was until you introduced Kuroko. It makes things even more exciting. Thanks for the chapter!
5/19/2020 c1 FighterGirl14
I liked the part where you wrote the other names for red. It has a very artistic spin to it.
2/18/2020 c11 1lovelyhatter
Loved this chapter, as always! Each chapter is always so well written. I’m not really surprised it took this many chapters for a simple hug, it is Akashi after all :) can’t wait for more! Much love :D
2/18/2020 c8 lovelyhatter
I genuinely like Maika! Her and Sei’s interactions are always a joy to read
2/18/2020 c7 lovelyhatter
Midorima’s character, I felt, was pretty spot on! As always, wonderful chapter :)
2/18/2020 c4 lovelyhatter
I love, love, love the authors writing style. This chapter was super well written!
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