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7/10/2018 c8 30Aliemah
Enjoyed the story up to this point. I cant take the interruptions any more, though. I love the commentary but it really takes away from the story, and it's hard to follow along with.
2/27/2018 c37 1EvilCuttlefish
My goodness, you almost had me yelling at my phone for all the interruptions you kept throwing in. Good job!
6/30/2017 c37 Jordan
*reads the end
*starts clapping passionately
2/24/2017 c26 1sycam0inc
12/29/2016 c35 Guest
Stop squeezing my neck
2/19/2016 c37 Saju3107
I loved this! You awesome girl! But now I need more
I'm totally lost in fiction about these stupid babys! It's hilarious to read about all the drama and smoching they do at the end
11/11/2015 c35 2NekoGirl02
Is Ed saying, "Stop squeezing my neck!" Is that even close
11/9/2015 c37 Guest
really good story but holy fuck, are your ramblings in the AN annoying and cringy as hell. tone it down man
11/5/2015 c37 JazmineElric
{Insert violent fangirling here}
11/4/2015 c37 Saki-Hime
Aww liked it a lot.
11/4/2015 c37 1author12306
*screeches* THIS IS SO CUTE!
11/2/2015 c37 1The Girl In The Embers
OH MY GOSH I LOVE I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! *Gives orange juice*
11/1/2015 c37 26NorthernMage
Oh, those two... *cuddles*
11/1/2015 c37 NewWorldRunaway
10/24/2015 c36 Guest
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