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10/4/2013 c14 Guest
I like the suits reference... very sly
10/4/2013 c14 13wolfergirl
Brilliant! Loved how you tied the Tisdale stuff in :D
10/4/2013 c14 hfce
Oh man she doesn't believe him. It is to bad his secret is out. Now he will be hounded. Great update. :)
10/4/2013 c14 3natalieannej
Love this story! Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
10/4/2013 c14 2FireKing500
Hmm will there be a lawsuit on the NYPD or no? I think Alex should ignore Kate for the next few weeks on regards that he is too busy because of the release of his identity to the media. He cant really do a ride along because he isn't friends with the major (right?) because of keeping his writing name a secret. I really want to see a regretful Beckett after Alex is ignoring her after all of this and thinks he wants nothing to do with her anymore. Hope you update as soon as possible.
10/4/2013 c14 Jester's Pet Oriole
Kate does NOT get to be forgiven that easily - at all. And maybe a lawsuit threat from Black Pawn would do her and the team some good.
10/4/2013 c14 pjdmouse
I've been waiting for this chapter...nicely done. Can't wait to see how you get them back together.
10/4/2013 c14 castle1701
Oh glad you wrote another chapter. I could feel the hurt from both of them here! Please update again soon.
10/4/2013 c14 3DevonCastle
Like your use of season 4 (?) canon in here, really fits the conversation. I'm following tis with interest!
10/4/2013 c14 51Mouserocks-nerd
Ooh! (I feel like I must start all of my reviews to your story that way.)

But! This is an exciting development! Kate and Alex's back and forth was great, as was the little hints you dropped in of the original script- although "spank away" did cross my mind as an appropriate solution ;) - and I didn't even think about the media getting a hold on the information. Fun times to come! Although I would like to see more specifically how his students react at some point... and of course how he and Kate are going to work things out. :) Update soon! (again)
10/4/2013 c14 3Bahamut Slayer
Aaaa. Well that was really depressing. Sigh, well that was a mess. Poor Alex. For a moment, I thought 'Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.' wasn't just about how he felt about his secret.

If anything, I guess Alex would eventually figure out that it was the brother who did it. But would they figure out the whole passport thing without Castle? Castle pointed out it was more likely a second passport, one bought on the black market, and the trick on using them. But knowing Beckett, yeah, may be she'd figure it out eventually or something. Hope they got the brother straight away before he destroys the second passport that Castle did point out such possibility of destroying said evidence.

You really made me feel sorry for Alex. I did feel sorry and understand where Kate's coming from with her reaction. But Alex? Ouch, real ouch.

'he was starting to feel the anger deflate out of him. All that's left was bitter disappointment and a near broken heart.'

That quite did it.

Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's not they'd really be talking all out about their brief relationship in the interrogation room. They're both angry and hurt, Beckett being professional wants to solve the murder while still all angry at him.

Damn, really looking forward to the next update. Thank you so much!
10/4/2013 c14 3SassaM
Loved that chapter, especially all the canon references you put in. And I'm really fond of both of their inner monologues while they have to deal with their different perspectives on and knowledge about what had happened while they are facing each other in the interogation room. Great that she surprises the author in showing that she knows about his visit to Tisdale. Even greater that he uses this opportunity and they start their building-theory-thing.

On a side note: It still bothers me that Beckett exposes Rodgers/Castle that readily in front of his class but I know it's totally consistent with her canon character. There are plenty occassions on the show when Beckett shoves her shield publicly in peoples faces and drags them from whereever they are to the precinct e.g. Castle from his book launch, a stripper from the stage in the middle of a show (just to name two). I doubt real cops should or really would do that especially if their case isn't absolutely air tight, guess it's only a show that works on TV (and in stories) but in the real world probably results in the city of New York being sued endlessly and getting plenty of bad press. These situations would appear way different on a show like "The Closer".

Coming back to the story again. I have no doubt Alex understands the way Kate is hurt and maybe even has a idea of her jumbled thoughts and feelings about what she think she's discovered. And he wouldn't go after her because of how she acted but I guess either his own lawyer or someone from black pawn should try to advise him to sue her and the NYPD... regardless how the outcome of his exposure may be (probably it's making lots of press and therefor also has a positive impact on the book sales)
10/4/2013 c14 Guest
So, do we get Kate discovering that she outed a reclusive author to national and international press and going "oops" at all?

Enjoying the story so far...
10/3/2013 c14 4coyotepup4
Seriously, Harvey Specter. Not that I'm one to talk. I used Jessica briefly a couple of chapters ago.

It's just that I was planning to use Harvey at some point (2004 version) and now everyone will think I copied you :-P

Nice chapter. My only thing is this. Now that they know who he is, didn't anyone in the NYPD think to check for an alibi? If Alex has at least one for one murder, he's got reasonable doubt for the other two. And if he has one for all three, then no go. Also, since no one really knows who he is, the killer couldn't time the murders to render him without an alibi.

Also, why didn't Alex call Kate out when she brought up the whole 'framing the innocent kid' thing since Alex was the one who cleared him.

Last, one thing to think about with Harvey: Law Suit. He could make a case against the NYPD for revealing Alex's identity. Kate could have waited until he was out of class. Harvey could make the point that she intentionally outed him to get even for feeling romantically betrayed. Alex would own her ass. And she would deserve it.
10/3/2013 c14 17ShannonJethroGideonCastleSnape
That was PERFECT! I loved how you worked it in, I really hope Kate and Rick sort themselves out and fast
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