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8/14/2013 c10 51Mouserocks-nerd
Cliffhanger?! Gah! I must read more! I have a bad feeling that Alexander is going to be in big trouble soon- he's going to start a relationship with her and she'll think he only did it to get her off his case. Trouble is a-brewing...

Well done though! I hope and simultaneously don't hope that Kate finds out the truth soon. :DD
8/14/2013 c10 47phnxgrl
Great Chapter. I loved how Alex feared he was going to the hoosegow LOL. Please continue.
8/14/2013 c10 3Tamerlorde85
I like it, but I'm confused about the end
8/12/2013 c9 2keelylionheart
Awesome. The suspense continues...
8/10/2013 c9 1Satan's Adorable Spawn
Why would he think he's going to be arrested? There's no evidence against him. But Kate's reaction ought to be funny when she realizes Alex is Castle.
8/10/2013 c9 13wolfergirl
Aw, poor Alex :(
The book idea was sweet!
Would it be possible to have more Lanie soon please? :D
8/8/2013 c9 39eyrianone
One thing confuses me, Alex knows he's innocent so why is he so certain Kate's going to be arresting him? Hmm - I guess you will reveal all soon enough.
8/7/2013 c9 47phnxgrl
I loved how Alex found out that Kate was the lead investigator on Rick Castle's copy cat murders. Please continue.
8/7/2013 c9 lv2bnsb1
Oh help - I'm lost What does he think he's going to be arrested for? 'Cause he's not the serial killer!
8/7/2013 c9 49Ilovetoread09
Oh boy, looks like Kate is going to find out. Hopefully sh e won't be too angry at Alex/Rick. Update soon.
8/7/2013 c9 Chkgun93
Wow, this continues to be an awesome twist to the original, this was a most excellent update.

Thank you.
8/7/2013 c9 bluebird-castle
Hi! Great chapter once again, I really liked the fact that black pawn has made it difficult for NYPD to get in contact or to meet with Castle! It's really going to be something when Kate finally discovers Alex's identidy. (:
8/7/2013 c9 32EllaNight
Dun, dun, dun! Ha! Great chapter! I loved it! I love how Alex/Castle is sure she's going to arrest him! I hope he'll tell her when he realizes that the prints weren't his own. (I'm assuming you're going with the prints they found in the show). Once he realizes that it was a close call, he should really just tell her and hope for the best! He's innocent after all, what has he got to loose?
I can't wait for next Wednesday! Thanks for the update!
8/7/2013 c9 3Tamerlorde85
Poor Alex, but update soon!
8/7/2013 c9 51Mouserocks-nerd
Ooh! Interesting! I can't wait for Kate to realize that she went out with their number 1 suspect... Update soon!
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