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3/27/2014 c24 51Mouserocks-nerd
Love it! Can't wait for the sequel *nudgenudge* I'm fine with you splitting off here, it's like this was an excellent, highly involved, very deep pilot episode. Now we can continue on with the rest of the series. :D Would love to see some of the subtle differences in this 'verse because of everything that's gone down. Maybe Ryan and Espo are less inclined to like him? Or maybe Kate gives into her feelings for him sooner rather than later...

Great story!
3/27/2014 c24 3SassaM
Just read both of the the last two chapters. I'm so glad she really explained and I loved Alex reaction to her offer of a fresh start. And now you bring it back on track with the pilot. It's great how close you kept to original dialogue here while consistently stick to the AU.
And as you know I'm a girl for the details e.g. it was really great how you described the way Kate is surprised by Alex offering his hand and how she needs a moment to remember how to react to a gesture like this. I also loved how you compared the created awkwardness to people saying good bye while walking off into the same direction (that's a situation easy to recall since it happened way too often to me) at the beginning of this chapter.
One more thing: I'm glad about the way you answered the question who put 1 and 1 together on the Rodgers-Castle-issue. It's a great outcome after all since there's no bad guy there but a reason for Alex (who's this deciated teacher) to actually be proud of the students without having to fear that they wanted to harm him. I don't know if it comes across what I mean. Hope so.
I'm surely looking forward to any other story you'll be writing.
3/27/2014 c24 4coyotepup4
Awesome way to end the story and bring it into the cannon timeline.

And I'm not just saying that because I suggested it. OK, I was the second person to suggest it, but it was independent of the first person. I guess we both should have gotten mentions for the suggestion.

Of course that is unless the first person to suggest it is annem57. Then, I just feel left out. It's like the Olympics, the top three get a mention. ***Pouty Face*** :-P

Hey I wanted my last review to be memorable and childish. True Castle fashion. Enjoyed the story. Hope you do a sequel where he actually gets to kiss her.
3/27/2014 c24 awkwardontarian
Very much so enjoyed this! Looking forward to the sequel.
3/27/2014 c24 hfce
What a beautiful story. I like how it ended with hope for those two. Great job.
3/27/2014 c24 Steve0618
This story has been a great journey exploring the coming together of Caskett and I like the way that you have handled the introduction of the "muse".
Well done.
3/27/2014 c24 ahrondude
Great new chapter I loved this story it rocked I can't wait to see what else you write
3/27/2014 c24 24GeekMom
Great job!
3/27/2014 c24 17ebfiddler
Great job! I really liked this particular AU, and would be glad to see you continue with another story featuring this version of Kate Beckett and...Alex Rodgers. Best wishes with future writing, and thank you again for sharing this story.
3/27/2014 c24 47phnxgrl
I loved this resolution over the Lawsuit. I loved how Kate is vehemently opposed to Alex shadowing her. I loved how Alex included he was on a sabbatical at the University. Kudos on a fine story! I can not wait until the Sequel appears in my Inbox.
3/26/2014 c1 nacy3451
Can't wait for update
3/23/2014 c23 CWT
I really like the remaining chapters from when I last reviewed at chapter 11 (just found the story and caught up), it would be nice to see how you make them get closer again and to see how much they trust each other given there must be doubts still. I hope you don't end this soon purely for selfish reasons, feels like there is still a lot here, I suppose it depends how much you accelerate things from this point forward
3/23/2014 c23 12jam821
Oh I'm so glad they finally talked and were honest with each other. Loved the end too with the whole let's start over/reintroduce ourselves thing. Very sweet. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story.
3/23/2014 c11 CWT
Only just found this story and absolutely love this story to bits, I'm assuming Kate is going to be hurt when she finds out he is really Rick Castle, especially now that he has gotten involved in the case. I love how you write the interactions between the two, I'm interested to see how that will change/evolve when she finds out he is her favorite Author.

I'm going to read the rest of the chapters in bed so thought I'd review this chapter just to say great job, looking forward to reading the rest and any future updates
3/22/2014 c23 33RGoodfellow64
Such an original story line, but what was more important, an actual, intelligent, adult conversation. How unlike what we saw for so many seasons! I really like how you're developing the characters and storyline.
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