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10/11/2013 c9 12Kikilia14
Nice chapter- though I'm thinking the knife will be killing the rattlesnake and Tomas will have a new toy to play with once Gibbs converts the rattle into a baby rattle... LOL

WHat's taking the team soooo long?
10/10/2013 c9 torontogirl12
I really hope that Tony and Ziva get to Gibbs and Sam soon. They need to get to safety with the baby before the snake gets out.
10/10/2013 c9 17DS2010
love the bits of family moments with Jethro, Sam and little Tomas. Looking forward to the rescue
10/10/2013 c9 Gibbs Girl Kelly
Well, Gibbs'll kill that old snake...and the rattler too,lol! I am waiting to see him defend Samantha's honor. ;)
Great chapter, I just love your story!
9/30/2013 c8 DS2010
Loved the flashbacks they worked.
Love what they named the baby Jethro and Sam will make fab parents
9/29/2013 c8 Gibbs Girl Kelly
Awww, sorry Marrisa died, but happy she had such a sweet baby. I'm even more glad that Samantha and Gibbs are together again. I love when they're alone, when things are sweet and emotional between them. I also hope to see some Gibbs\Kelly father\daughter moments somewhere along the line. Great job!
9/29/2013 c8 12Kikilia14
Nice way to write this... and cute name for the baby. Will they call him T.J.?
9/29/2013 c8 torontogirl12
So happy to see this update. I TOTALLY love it! The flasbacks were excellent and I am so glad that Gibbs and Mimi are together. Little Tomas had a rough start in life but lucked out with Gibbs and Mimi going to be his parents and Kelly for a sister. Really looking forward to the next chapter. Hope they get there in time for all of them.
9/23/2013 c7 Gibbs Girl Kelly
Wow, great chapter! I find myself wondering if Roger will be able to walk ever again when Gibbs finds out he was making such passes on Samantha...not to mention poor Marissa! The man is obviously pond scum.
Sure hope Samantha will be back in her hubby's arms soon! :)
9/23/2013 c7 torontogirl12
Oh,I hope that they get there in time to save Sam and Marissa. Hope that the baby will be safe.
9/22/2013 c7 Kikilia14
Interesting chapter... when will Gibbs find them?
9/22/2013 c6 Gibbs Girl Kelly
Oh no, oh no! I am going to be on pins and needles now, wondering about Sam and Tim. Guess Gibbs and Abby are in the same boat. They have the one they love most in danger! Please update ASAP! :)
8/23/2013 c6 gibbsgirl23
Hey, just wanted to answer your question. I think he said that he didn't care about a 20 year old case so he could claim he didn't know if something more official came of the investigation. Also, I believe Abby only said there was one copy because she didn't want to give it to the Mexican guy (can't spell his name). Lastly, Vance did finally shred the report in season 10 when the lawyer was trying to get Gibbs. Hope that answers your questions. I still don't trust Vance completely either, but after his wife died he does understand Gibbs better.
8/24/2013 c6 torontogirl12
Good update. Hope Gibbs finds them soon.
8/23/2013 c6 kittysmom.mk
Love the story, hate the cliff hangers. Seriously keep up the great work.
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