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4/25 c68 The Rocha
Hi there, Drakthul! You have asked us to leave a review for Chapter 68, so I did.

You know, I wondered how crazy Taro was going to be before I saw him... and boy, none of my expections even came close to this insane cannibal soul-eating fourth wall breaking sollipsist. Taro is such a weird and glorious villain. He's not just crazy, he's so utterly insane that his perspective is practically alien. And its oh so glorious when he realizes he is wrong... and yet, decides to make his insanity real anyway. I really like what you did with Taro, don't think Dragonball ever had a villain this insane. The man is barely able to discern reality from unreality, and yet he can see beyond almost everyone else.

I like how Taro wans't just power, but also his ability to absorb souls AND the Z Sword. He was a full package.

I'm glad Junia chose, by the way! The way you made the Vegeta vs Junia fight strongly parallel Goku vs Vegeta was fantastic. She died a hero.

Its incredible seeing how Gohan and Turles managed to get all those evil men, would-be-conquerors and ancient evils to help them. They all know they are the damned, yet they help still, for their own reasons. After all, what else is there?

I like seeing Canon!Trunks and Present Trunks causing a Rebellion of Trunkses inside Taro.

Btw, kinda sad that TLR!Trunks or a version of him is dead.

I love how much the warriors had to undertake insane efforts to stop Taro.

By the way, I am actually surprised Vegeta didn't go full SSJ3 the moment he heard about what happened to his son. Such a grisly reveal, by the way.

Question: Could the Red Gravity Bomb stop Taro's use of the Z Sword? The Red Gravity Bomb warps space time as well, as we saw with the Trunkses' Genki Energy.

By the way, I find it hilarious you keep getting asked about Power Levels in reviews. This is funny, because Power Levels are Bullshit... as in, intentionally so. The entire point of the sagas from Raditz to Namek is that Power Levels are bullshit, and the Planet Trade practically based their entire society around those, which led them to think Power Levels are all that there is about fighting, therefore allowing to get rekt by skilled martial artists.

Little question: I wanted to ask it in The Catalyst but I always forget, so: Why you call it Demon-Ken, instead of Ma-Ken? Would't "Ma-Ken" be the correct name, following the same use of the "Ma" (Demon) prefix in many of Piccolo's attacks and even his own tournament nickname?

I was hooked on TLR (and I already loved The Catalyst before), so I am going to have great fun reading more! You rock!
4/16 c5 The Rocha
Making my way through this tale and DAMN, this chapter five was powerful. I think I felt a few tears forming, and I am NOT a man know for sensitivity. I just saw Goku nearly commit infanticide, and I felt for the monster that was Gohan.

Damn dude.
4/6 c25 Axccel
Heh, yep. He completely forgot about the rules of the match.
4/6 c20 Axccel
Honestly, I got the impression of rape at first but then then he stopped when she said to and asked for consent. Which she was implied to have given considering his behavior afterwards before leaving. I get the feeling you weren't sure which way to take that scene until you got to this chapter and made up your mind.
4/6 c11 Axccel
Actually, I'm siding with Gohan with this one. At least with the finger squishing thing that was probably an accident. She did try to hit him after all.
2/26 c72 Blue0212
This story is really good but I’m noticing a common theme of arcs just sprinting into each other, the story doesn’t get any downtime or time to breathe. Maybe add some more filler in future that doesn’t involve fighting or violence. Just a suggestion
2/24 c81 Guest
Power Levels Are Not Useless. You're simply saying that because you don't know how to power scale. Toriyama Even Stated That he Does Not Use Them because it would spoil the outcome of a fight.. you're clearly misinterpreting What They mean
2/23 c46 Blue0212
Not gonna lie this garlic saga lasted wayyyyyyy too long. Still good though
1/26 c81 Luke
At the end of this chapter, the concept of 'Empty Victory' came to mind. Gohan's long road of hardships and destructive choices might have helped 'win the day' for Earth...but he's an empty shell.
1/26 c81 Guest
I'm glad to see an update for 2021, to know this story is still alive. And I have to say, this chapter did not disappoint. You finally showed what would happen if our Gohan would meet canon Gohan, and it went as well as expected. For once, I really do have to take our Gohan's side over his canon counterpart; if it wasn't for his suffering, and the events that molded him into the monster he was, he'd have never gained the power to defeat Brass and weaken Taro to where the others were able to take him down. And given that our Gohan has done a lot, and I mean a lot, of self-reflection in this story, canon Gohan really has no right to judge him; TLR's Gohan suffered due to the mistakes of others, namely his father, as a child, whereas canon Gohan didn't really suffer for his mistakes until he fought Cell. Although canon Gohan was on point when it came to Videl, I can symphathize with him because he lost a whole family that he's uncertain of ever getting back.

Overall, I'm glad to see another chapter detailing Gohan's return to life. Yet as canon Gohan pointed out, he's still in a hell of his own making, even though Gohan is flesh and blood right now; I can't wait to see how you have him try to set it right this time.
1/24 c24 Aausdmr
Pointlessly long-winded. Had potential but not a fan of what you turned Gohan into in this. He has literally no redeeming features, and the fact that you try you hardest to make the reader empathise with him is honestly sad and futile. I tried my best to follow the story through but at a certain point I understood that no matter how many redemption arcs and pathetic/pitiful moments Gohan has to endure or be humiliated by, this story is just not worth it. Only way I’d be able to follow this story through from Gohan’s perspective is if I was a masochist. I’m not, which is why I’m dropping. Tbf I’m only so harsh because I spent the last few hours reading it conflicted on whether or not I should continue because of some occasional promise shown. Oh well. Shame ya invested so much time on such a miserable story.
1/22 c81 Blades of Fury
God, I Hate Garlic. And I love that I hate him. Dude's got no likable or redeemable qualities. It's always nice to have a villain that's just so despicable. Other villains in DB normally have something you're gonna like about them.

Feels bad for Gohan. He met a Gohan that's better than him morally. Who called him out on his flaws and Gohan knows his right. But it's even more frustrating for him because he's being looked down upon by someone who would've made the same mistakes if the roles were reversed. Fucking hell, I know this is a long road but i just hope Gohan can find some sort of solace by the end of it.
1/22 c81 Sabiul
U reall Do love garlic huh
1/22 c81 Guest
Good to see you back. Gohan's broken
Enjoyed Garlic lol
1/22 c81 Thomas-The-TMC
An excellent meeting between the two. No common ground was ever going to be found here. I feel a little sorry that our gohan couldnt face videl but the way he wrote the simple note says more than he ever could.
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