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5h c81 Blades of Fury
God, I Hate Garlic. And I love that I hate him. Dude's got no likable or redeemable qualities. It's always nice to have a villain that's just so despicable. Other villains in DB normally have something you're gonna like about them.

Feels bad for Gohan. He met a Gohan that's better than him morally. Who called him out on his flaws and Gohan knows his right. But it's even more frustrating for him because he's being looked down upon by someone who would've made the same mistakes if the roles were reversed. Fucking hell, I know this is a long road but i just hope Gohan can find some sort of solace by the end of it.
9h c81 Sabiul
U reall Do love garlic huh
10h c81 Guest
Good to see you back. Gohan's broken
Enjoyed Garlic lol
19h c81 Thomas-The-TMC
An excellent meeting between the two. No common ground was ever going to be found here. I feel a little sorry that our gohan couldnt face videl but the way he wrote the simple note says more than he ever could.
1/21 c81 2KagariAsuha
Ohh yes! I can't say I expected an update so soon but am pleased nonetheless. What a great stepping stone for the next part of Gohan's character. I really enjoyed seeing a lengthy look at his past. It's not something we've seen in quite some time and in that capacity. The aftermath of his battle with Slug is still a huge event that carved out his fate as is the supposed death of Turles. Top stuff, I'm stoked to see more of his time before Earth.

As you said, it absolutely is nice to have Gohan alive again. His stint in Hell, although not entirely too long for him in universe (well, kinda lol) was still a large portion of the story so far. Like Gohan himself, staying clear of there is something I absolutely want to see happen. He's done more than a fair share to save the entire universe at this point, isn't that enough? Yeah he did bad, terrible things, sure. I get that. But he's also done amazing things even if they don't always happen for the most honest of reasons.

Well, in any case, I hope he finds at least someway to escape that pit. Gohan's a shit person but I still want to see him succeed.

And of course the meeting with his counterpart - another scene I've long been looking forward to. It went about as well as I expected, that is to say, not really. The 'proper' Gohan is right to be put off by that attitude. There's no getting along there nor there should be.

The only thing that didn't quite gel with me was the sudden reappearance of Garlic Jr, but I'm still trying to decide if that's just a lingering effect of his time with Janemba or not. Hoping for the later and that it's temporary if only because that gremlin is like a poisonous ghost that just keeps haunting.

But yes, excellent chapter. I really enjoyed the singular focus on Gohan. There's a ton to unpack with him now that he's back and I'm looking forward to the time he finally catches back up with his parents. That should be... "fun". Haha... until next time!
1/21 c81 Angryshadow04
Oof it’s chapters like these that remind me of how aids adult Gohan is and how uncool he is lol.

I imagine the garlic thing is gonna become pretty funny in future situations seeing as he sees everything.

It’s sucks that one of your anime’s got ruined as it can sour your mood for a while. Right now I’m watching HxH very slowly so I’m having to deal with the hiatus side of anime.

Anyway his was a good chapter and I like the Gohan and other Gohan rap bat- I mean argument.

Have a good new year and make sure to have your daily self pretty Wank.
1/21 c81 super mystic gohan
well I really enjoyed the counter off both gohan's here very much
1/21 c81 Heseltine
Really nice flashback, really wish we saw more of the two Gohans and enjoyed how you had show Gohan change between his persona and his warrior self, really hope to see more exchanges between these two before he gets placed back in his timeline. Excited to see where we go from here and whats on the horizon :)
1/21 c81 31Hek'UnnSkipper
Nick Cage vibes!

Great chapter. Also hope you are doing fine and keeping yourself safe.
1/21 c81 thepowerfullkira
nice gohan probably already knows that if the same happened to him as a child he would be the exact same way. he should feel lucky that his father was strong enough to kill raditz in his timeline.

i can't wait for the pan reuniting chapter. hopefully piccolo doesn't get gutted be gohan for this.
1/21 c81 5Perfect Carnage
Oh god its Garlic again! Damn you Drak, you liked to me! You lied to us all! I'd prefer Janemba to that goblin!

No Gohan! Don't lash out! That's what got you in trouble with Trunks! Oh well, at least he didn't get physical.

Well the sooner he stops looking at life through the PTO lens the better. Doing good because he wants to get rewarded for it isn't going to help him more than doing good because its right will. Too bad he'd never be caught dead watching The Good Place lol.
1/21 c81 7TheItchyCocoon
Ah, another chapter in this gift of a story. it's interesting to see the dynamics between the two, one whose been through hell and embraced it, another whose been through A lot but had an escape.

Also I adore the fact that our gohan thinks the Saiyaman costume is dumb.
1/2 c80 Guest
Well technically speaking those say power levels are bullshit are not intelligent and Fail to understand coreanas intentions with power levels

1: Power Levels are Used.

2: it is valid to due to power scaling

3: he slowed down using them because they spoil The Outcome of Fight... in other words it Stop Spoilers.

4: the point of the matter is that Toriyama wants prove that power level cap fluctuate do the techniques and transformations.. individuals that are completely dependent on the scouters cannot properly Gauge Power Levels Due To characters with perfect Ki Control allowing Them To deceive those that have scouters

5: Dragon Ball Abridge Making power levels bullshit meme enhance the misconception
12/30/2020 c57 azzamalqazi
"I could, but I won't.

I'll be honest, there isn't a single element of Dragon Ball GT I actually like, including Super Saiyan 4. I know it's sometimes not as popular to say in the Fandom, but I appreciate Blue, Red, and Ultra Instinct a *lot* more than Super Saiyan 4."

OH well that's a shame but we're all human so it's okay to be wrong sometimes.

Anyway I hope you do well and keep on making the good stuff.

See ya.
12/29/2020 c57 azzamalqazi
Hey man been a fan of your stuff for a while and been trying to read the catalyst on the sidelines as well. I'm also a massive fan of your "power levels are bullshit" moto as I stand by that heavily and think that it brings no value whatsoever in story telling and fights.

My question is: Do you ever think you could incorporate super siayan 4 in your stories? And if you do, then how would you do it?
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