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for artemis fowl love changes all

3/24/2022 c1 The White Cyborg
I loved it as much as Artemis loves Holly.
3/21/2022 c29 BigFanOfYou
Just asking, when are you releasing chapter 30 cause this came out 5 years before right now
6/8/2020 c14 Guest
I ️ books when my parents broke up I read a bunch of Artemis fowl fanfic and through the 34 I have read yours is the bestest
6/7/2020 c29 Guest
CONTINUE or else...
6/6/2020 c29 AtiFowl
Please finish it
7/12/2019 c29 DrkSlash
beautiful story. love it. i hope that you finish it someday . thanks for your hard work
5/28/2019 c26 Guest
or maybe it is finished I haven't even gotten to the end
9/24/2018 c29 hapyjohn
love the story so far the writer respects the canon... hope to see more
11/24/2017 c11 Spasminos
Defeat, btw, tryin 2 help out
11/24/2017 c1 Spasminos
It's adieu, not adew
11/24/2017 c1 Spasminos
GTA grandpa, 3b, and make rick and morty take Artemis to equestria from MLP!
3/16/2017 c29 frosttalon
This is such an amazing story I feel Eion would be proud keep up the good work and remember to tell your story man\woman.
1/8/2017 c20 Grandtheftautograndpa
Hello young man!
Very good work on the story since the story is very good and I think the story is an A :)
I like the story since it is A good and very good since I like artimis Fwole but I already read all the books because I read them to my grandkids but your story is good but I wouldn't read it to my grandkids since even the though you did a good job making the story good, I can;t read it to my grandkids since it's a little more ADULT then they can handle right now HAHAHAHAHAH ;)
Although your work is very good, I do have some constructive criticism:
1. The story is very good and very well worked but you should probalbly make sure the stroy can be even better before you publish it even though it is very good already
2. I like the story but you should rework the story to make the letters bigger because I can't read them really good on my screen since theyre so small even though the stor yis very good
3. BE REAL with your audience. They;re here for you, so write with confidence, because althoug your story is really good it could be even better.
3b. MAKE THE STORY REAL: Maybe make artimis lose all his money in a tornado and have to start trading meth with HIESENBERG from Breking Baed to get by, sncec that's a show that's really real and that would be a good thing but the story is already good.
P.S. REMEMBER: Listen to yourself, be confident. DON'T LET ANYBODY tell you what to do, but listen to my advice but don't change the story at all but follow my advice, trust me, I'm a grandpa that plays videogames.
And smokes a little pot here and there
1/7/2017 c1 Artemisfan2300
Love it. Can't stop reading it over and over!
1/7/2017 c29 AsynchronousTextureStreaming
holy f it's back!?
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