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1/5/2017 c28 Mathilda208
I'd like to say something to solis-Coelestis. It is good to leave a review that HELPS the author. Fanfiction is about taking the idea another author made of characters, and then constructing and growing then into something unique and beautiful. If an fanfiction author wants to make the characters do something that seems unrealistic in the real books then they can. That can do whatever they want because this website is about letting what's in your head, Into something different and amazing! I don't want to be seen as rude and I'm not one of those people that go around writing nasty reviews. I love life. Life is precious and should be cherished! You should strive to help everyone feel love, happiness, and joy! Not to bring people down! I hope you don't hate me for commenting like this to you and I do hope you end up reading all of this because I think it's important for people to learn from others in a kind way. Learning is so much easier with happiness and love than with bitterness and anger!
Thank you and have a very nice day everyone please!
1/5/2017 c29 Mathilda208
This is amazing! Please update soon! I'm soooooo glad they finally confessed! And I'm surprised Artemis said it first. That was a good twist to the plot and it made this story all the more special! Thank you!
1/4/2017 c1 2Eyereed
Please correct the spelling mistakes. After I'd read about ten paragraphs, I just couldn't take it any more. The punctuation, the bad grammar, the capitalisation, the spelling mistakes (it's 'irritated', not 'eratated'; these mistakes pop up in spell checkers, so pay attention to your spell checker next time); I just couldn't bear it. The story seems quite good, but it's completely illegible due to your incorrect spelling, punctuation and lack of capitalisation.
Nevertheless, I skimmed down the story and got the rough idea anyway.
Also, Holly shouldn't seem irritated or angry about Artemis being vegan, that's just abnormal; it would only seem natural for her to be slightly interested in the matter. That is, if she even cares. Normally, Holly would gloss over the facts. Also, Artemis is always punctual, and Holly won't come in to wake Artemis up; she'll probably notify Butler, who'd do it himself. Also, Butler would NEVER boom at his master.
But cut yourself some slack; since it's your first work, there's bound to be a few mistakes. But please improve them, for the first time it is a learning point, but the second time it is a fault.
No matter how good your middle bits are, people won't even read them if they don't read the first bits, which they won't read if they are put off by illegibility.
1/2/2017 c29 MissyMattingly
Glad your still alive cause I'm loving this story
1/2/2017 c28 ArtemisFowl
Rip author
If you're alive PLEASE UPDATE!
10/4/2016 c28 Guest
Please more! I keep rereading the story because I want more. Please!
10/2/2016 c28 1ArtemisxHolly
Great story Yendor. Can't wait for the next chapter! Please update as soon as possible! Also well done on keeping the characters almost entirely themselves in these situations, great job! And again, can't wait for the chapter!
9/26/2016 c28 AsynchronousTextureStreaming
Please write more. I'm like checking this everyday at least 3 times.
9/17/2016 c28 Guest
Hey more.
9/17/2016 c28 The
Hey please write more
9/9/2016 c28 Guest
Please keep writing! Don't be those people who disappear on a cliff hanger
9/2/2016 c28 Guest
Amazing story so far. The grammar is bad, but you can get used to it. The actual story is great, tho
9/1/2016 c28 Pinqu
Great story. It's of course not of coarse tho. Hope to read more :)
8/29/2016 c28 Guest
I'm dying to know what happens next! Please keep on writing!
8/23/2016 c28 Guest
You what is ironic is that this chapter is called waiting and that is what we have to do
Please hurry or finish this
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