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for artemis fowl love changes all

5/16/2016 c13 Anonymous
Heh heh heh! Taking pics, good way to blackmail later :]
5/16/2016 c11 Anonymous
HAAAAA! Jezza just said that, Bwahahahahahaaaahahahahaaaaaa
5/16/2016 c10 Anonymous
Its funny cuz everyone seems too know that they both like each other even if they dont
5/16/2016 c4 Anonymous
BOOOOOOOM, I am thinking that Artemis is wanting to use No1's magic to slow down his ageing
5/16/2016 c3 Anonymous
Ooooooo, busted by the one person you don't want to tell
5/16/2016 c2 Anonymous
AHHHHH, Butler you cheeky bastard
5/14/2016 c2 Guest
When youre finished making the thing, proof read it and correct any mispelled words or sentences that sound wrong. Dont forget to capitalize!
4/30/2016 c27 Guest
Wow i didn't see that ending coming. Grate chapter as always :)
4/29/2016 c27 Foaly's techie
The lep team is still running around with brushes... Hahahah but hey you go holly she is one hell of a tough nut :) Yet another great chapter well done don't kill him again holly has been enough :p
4/26/2016 c26 Foaly's techie
Totally like the plan curious if it will work we have to waite for over 90% to make sure
3/29/2016 c26 fowlert
You should continue story it's very good.
3/25/2016 c26 Guest
Grate Chappter as allways. :)
3/11/2016 c25 happy techie
I was totally enjoying this fan fiction !I soo hopefully that they get together they are ment to be:) they are trying so hard hopefully we hear the other parts ASAP so exited!
3/11/2016 c25 Guest
Oh no:( i was totally e
3/5/2016 c25 NorGuard
Love the story. it's grate to see more artemis/holly. cant wait for more but i guess i just have to. Sigh oh well
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