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for artemis fowl love changes all

6/7/2014 c4 mustbedead
Hehe. I think I know artemis' s plan. He is going to use no.1's magic to turn himself into a fairy or something. It sounds kinda strange. But I believe that was what he was thinking when holly told him no.1 could turn a giraffe into a toad
6/2/2014 c3 The Warden and The Watcher
I feel like I've been mind wiped and this is bringing back memories
6/2/2014 c11 7Nightshade1712
Ha Ha HA Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that chapter was hilarious, the way they avoided the question, the last part, you are a very good author, please keep up the good work, though I might suggest that you look over your stories before you post them, I noticed a lot of uncapitalized letters.
5/30/2014 c10 mohit
i need the next chapter...quick
4/5/2014 c1 Old Voldy Went Moldy
Like the story but I have one thing to say. How do you spell sentence wrong? Other that it is great.
2/23/2014 c1 SmarterThanArty
You forgot a certain disclaimer about Eoin Colfer owning Artemis Fowl.

I'm a critic, like Arty.

Who, by the way, will haunt your dreams with Mr. Colfer.

1/1/2014 c8 3CalebWinters
You know I really like this story but it kind of bugs me that there is many grammatical errors. I found hard to enjoy due to misspelling, absent commas, uncapitalized letter where needed and the structure of the words. Do get me wrong, I like this fic, but I'm just saying I like it even more if you fixed these errors
11/28/2013 c8 Sarah
I love it! Please update soon! :-)
11/13/2013 c7 12shaadiaThePrincessOfWeird
i want to see this plan in action!:)
11/13/2013 c6 Sarah
I love your story! There are a lot of spelling errors but you have a good story so who cares. Please please PLEASE update! Please! :-)
10/10/2013 c6 shaadiaThePrincessOfWeird
still awesome. Can't wait for more! :)
10/9/2013 c6 3CalebWinters
Awesome, great, fantastic keep up the good work and do update soon
9/11/2013 c5 12shaadiaThePrincessOfWeird
that was the sweetest fic ever! update soon!
9/8/2013 c5 3CalebWinters
Awesome just start using capital letters when needed thanks
9/5/2013 c4 Guest
Write fast!
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