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for A Mafia Romance

4/17 c2 Guest
by by to how ever has a crush on kurt
3/15 c34 Bahiti
Merci pour se chapitre, je suis présider de lire la suite.
2/12 c34 Bbb
When are going u to upload? Please continue to write. This is my favorite fic. And I want to see mafia Blaine and Kurt relationship now. Because so far we have read son of mafia. But he is in charge now. So somethings must change. There are much more things that will happen in the story.
1/6 c15 LadyArtemisLeFay
WOOW This is my favorite chapter so far, I love Telio's mission and everything is so well planned, ugh just perfect! All your OC's are amazing I love Telio, Anastasia and Mario the most 3
1/5 c14 LadyArtemisLeFay
This is getting intense, and Blaine's mom story was great and sad, poor Luther :( I hate Cooper now
12/1/2020 c12 LadyArtemisLeFay
I hope Kurt gets kidnaped at least once in this story it'll be so cute
11/29/2020 c10 LadyArtemisLeFay
Woow you make things so ineresting!
11/29/2020 c9 LadyArtemisLeFay
11/29/2020 c7 LadyArtemisLeFay
It's nice to see a more loving side of Blaine's dad rather than a evil Mafia leader
11/28/2020 c5 LadyArtemisLeFay
Oh no...where is Blaine heading?
11/28/2020 c4 LadyArtemisLeFay
Omg I litrally can't stop reading! Your writing is so captivating and exciting! I'm loving how it's going right now 3
11/28/2020 c3 LadyArtemisLeFay
nice chap we finally see a hint if Kurt finding out Blaine's parents, you did good
11/28/2020 c2 LadyArtemisLeFay
wowww,,,evil blaine slipping though!
9/12/2020 c22 nazlis1907
I can't stop reading but seriously I have been reading it for three nights... I must sleep, God it's 03.50am
8/30/2020 c34 1darckel
It’s been a long time since I read it. And it's still amazing. Hope you update soon
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