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11/3/2023 c29 kinokamiyama
don't worry ichigo all those women are french. it's just a greeting
11/3/2023 c28 kinokamiyama
ahh yes physical abuse. peak comedy.
11/3/2023 c28 kinokamiyama
more like nel is making it hard for me to like her. everyone has their own personal reasons to do something if she gets this mad and needs ichigo to say every single thing he did in his travels I don't think ichigo would like that. especially because his mother is a sore subject no matter what.
11/3/2023 c26 kinokamiyama
it was a riverbank not a beach
11/3/2023 c24 kinokamiyama
I need more narcissist ichigo
11/2/2023 c22 kinokamiyama
uryu should be the one to comfort orihime since out of the two of them uryu has gone through a similar situation he watched his grandfather get killed by hollows right in front of him and then found out that soul reapers experimented on his body while rangiku only feels betrayed that he childhood friend left her/betrayed? her but gin is still alive and she knows it and can try to get him back. uryu can't get his grandfather back and he is technically in a worse condition since ichigo's death can be fake so they can have hope.
4/4/2023 c4 kevinthegoat0304
I know your trying to set it up like the anime but I feel like your writing too much about everyone else and not Ichigo. You might have fixed this problem later on, but it becomes heavily apparent in the beginning.
2/9/2023 c31 GHETTOKINGKAI
ok so so far this story has been honestly all over the goddamn place, ive got a a few gripes/annoyances with some seemingly blatant inconsistencies here. FIRSTLY, why all of a sudden does it seem like ichigos hollow personality and his regular personality are not one in the same, i thought that in about the 20-25 chapter, you made ichigo seem so dark, op and badass, yet at the same time once he remembers his past life, you have him reverting to an aboslute shitshow of a character that i honestly hated more than what he was in canon, his overly goofy and childlike demeanor is not something that makes alot of sense here or in general, considering that hes basically a full on arrancar now AND hes merged with his inner hollow, ive always preferred ichigos inner hollow cause despite being somewhat sadistic and full of bloodlust in nature, HE ALWAYS was calm, collective and overall not afraid of anything or anyone, yet you completely contrast that with ichigos regular demeanor witch is overall imo deplorable and downright fucking annoying. He should be more calm, concice and collected and also not such a fucking prude here, hes literally merge with HIS HOLLOW now, yes i get that hes regaining his past memories, but youve done a poor job at actually making both his personalities one in the same witch in your story, theyre supposed to be that way, i also just dont like that you've seemingly made the espada overly goofy and nonchalant, nel is pretty much the exception here considering that she mostly acts childlike around ichigo even in her adult form, but as for the other espada, theyre demeanor is mostly always either bloodlusted, calm, or just always in some sort of mood of disdain or carelessness, i get that ichigo is supposed to be an anomaly of sorts considering he actually was born with a personality unlike most hollows, but it just feels way too goofy and unserious in moments where the story is ACTUALLY supposed to be serious. Another thing that really erks me is that you seem to have the espadas very lopsided in power when theyre in combat with the captains, if were going off of how powerful you've made ichigo, halibel and starkk, and not theyre canon counterparts, then im sorry to say that youve made them seem WAY WEAKER here, than they even were in canon. Like how the fuck is halibel not destroying hitsugaya here? If shes more powerful as an espada here than in canon, and ESPECIALLY when you amplified her powers with the hogyoku here, then how in the fuck does it make sense that shes struggling in any way against literally the WEAKEST captain in the gotei thirteen. Thats a blatant oversight, and even if youve somehow made the captains in this story here stronger, which doesnt seem to be the case so far, then this does NOT in any way feel believable at all! Dude ulqiorra could literally bitch slap damn near every fucking captain in his base ressurecion IN CANON, Grimmjow was on damn near on par with ichigo in his false bankai WITH an amplified hollow mask and byakuya was barely on par with ichigo when he first unlocked bankai, Kenpachi should be getting OBLITERATED by ichigo here considering how powerful youve seem to make him as an arrancar here, yet youve got him on par with him in his BASE FORM? Makes no damn sense, starkk and kyoraku seem to be the ONLY believable match up here as they both never truly released their full power against eachother, so ill give you that, but yeah if this were realistic in any way, then the captains would be DEAD ALREADY even with espada not trying to kill them. Also that whole bit with the beach chapter was fucking annoying and didnt add any kind a nuance or fun to the story so far, this story has been an up and down rollercoaster of inconsitency, between ichigos weird and fucked up mismatching of his personalities which are A PART OF HIM, NOT SEPERATE, and also the fucked up power scaling here, its just not realistic in the slightest considering what youve done with the espada and aizen here up to this point.
1/10/2023 c1 rogueassassin998
Are you going to continue into the TYBW Arc as a book 2 or no?
10/12/2022 c29 1Eepee
After all these years, the "beach episode" chapter is still my favorite. Its funny and it contains some important plot points.
9/11/2022 c14 10thunderofdeath97
You do realize that Yoruichi could have slept with any man in Japan after leaving the soul society, right?
9/11/2022 c11 thunderofdeath97
IDK who seems weaker/kind of more pathetic, Ulquiorra, or Ichigo here, lol
9/11/2022 c10 thunderofdeath97
So it's unfair for Ichigo to call Yoruichi gorgeous and catch her, but upon her being tagged, she can't substitute with her clothing items, and that's fair? Seems a bit hypocritical, don't you think? Lol
9/11/2022 c6 thunderofdeath97
Well actually Yoruichi, up to this point (in the fic), Ichigo has never actually achieved Bankai.
9/11/2022 c5 thunderofdeath97
Kisuke and Yoruichi are idiots. Do they not realize, that the stronger Ichigo himself gets, the stronger that Zangetsu, AKA, the Hollow inside Ichigo will get? NGL, Ichigo should turn the tables on Yoruichi, would be hilarious, lol
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