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10/29/2020 c19 13creativesm75
10/29/2020 c1 creativesm75
8/14/2020 c19 4SongNoFound
Hi I loved your fic so much really good job
6/20/2020 c19 Guest
I bawl my eyes out every time I read these chapters. These chapters are truly the best thing I have ever read! Thank you so much for writing these chapters. You are a truly talented writer! Get some good rest, you definitely deserve it! ️ ~Phoenix
6/9/2020 c7 Hungryboi
i'M nOt CrYiNg YoU aRe!
4/16/2020 c6 3StoryLover149
Dang, the chapter with Usopp was awesome! Superbly written!
11/19/2018 c13 randumgirl
Awww the nine heartbeats thing... ;) beautiful!
Although you could have made some joke and excluded Brook’s since.. well... you know lolol...
11/19/2018 c9 randumgirl
Jesus christ this... that was... man this chapter made me tear up..and its very rare that written things make me cry. Usualy its because i watch something that i get emotional, but your words and writing style and the way you brought up aces words and luffy anguish... wow. I applaude you for making me teary!
12/26/2017 c9 Guest
Dammit! This made me cry!
2/6/2017 c19 Guest
Really loved these.
9/6/2016 c1 1YEOLSTHETIC
Ace's death was so friggin sad... ;-;
Stupid "justice"...
9/4/2016 c13 just.rreading
fuck you broke my heart into a million pieces...
8/28/2016 c9 20Silver III Jhin
You succeeded making me cry
8/27/2016 c19 DuchessBelladona
I'm in tears in whole story but its sweet and very heart warming knowing in anime straw hat pirates IS willing to do anything to make Luffy smile again (you know what i mean
5/12/2016 c9 MVX
My favorite chapter!
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