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7/31/2015 c4 anne03
can you make a KyouAoi fanfic for me? Can you do it like, Tsurugi saves Aoi?
5/4/2014 c4 MistyEyes
Hiya, see you can uh, write in style. So, s'posing you're not busy, write a fanfic about Otonashi Haruna and Kidou Yuuto in the GO version, will ya?
2/19/2014 c1 11OblivionWings
Kyoten/masaran/ takuran!
9/9/2013 c5 Delete-writer
Rosy: Kyaaa! Love all the moments!

Robin: Cute.

Rosy: Can I request something, Hachi-san, if you don't mind? A Shinshuke X Aoi one? If you want too! Thanks!
See you! ;D
9/9/2013 c3 Delete-writer
Rosy: Kaiwaii, but... *sigh* I wanna some romanticism... Well, I understand... You don't like Yaoi, no? It'doesn't matter, it's cute, Hachi-san!

Robin: Sep...

Rosy: Now, continue reading!
7/21/2013 c5 blank600
hiks... saya telat... *ngesotkepojokan

Hachi-san, ini saya desu, Mist Harmonics yg ganti penname (ngaknanya!)

saya reviewnya pke bhs indo aja ya, soalnya klo bhs inggris nggak bisa ngerusuh X3 *plakk

my OTP! sankyuu dah mau ngabulin req orng gaje macam saya X"DD

haaaaaa... momennya so sweet bangeeettttt! apalagi pas Ran lari meluk Taku itu jadi bayangin dia cewek beneran(dihajar) yg kawaii! sasugaaa!

[And with that, all his frustration and anger – that were about to erupt in any second – died down and evaporated away, leaving only affectionate and thankful feelings towards the girl hugging him tightly.]

i love that sentence!

well, sudh cukup ngerusuhnya *digebukin*

ganbatte for next chapter XD
7/21/2013 c5 IEGuest
Ohayo (again) Author-san!
Great chapter! I liked it very much. Taku/femRan is a very interesting pairing (I like Shin-sama with every girl and Mamoru too :)) And Shindou/Okatsu is next! :) I am glad you posted these two chapters before my birthday :)
So you are a senior high school student, well do your best! :D I will start a high school in September (with 9 boys and 22 girls in my class... I am nervous) Time sure flies quickly,sometimes even too quickly.
I probably won't review your next chapter quickly, because I have some serious problem with my computer :(. Well, at least my mom will try to bring her laptop from work every weekend. Well, I will gladly wait for next amazing chapter.
Write soon and have a nice day :D
7/21/2013 c4 IEGuest
Ohayo Author-san!
Hisashiburi dana. :) Thank you for this beautiful chapter. Thanks to you I like Kyousuke\Aoi pairing more.
About Inazuma Eleven crossover movie I too can't wait for English sub. I can't wait for match between Inazuma Legend Japan (Mamoru looks cool in his uniform) and Shinsei Inazuma Japan (with Taiyou-kun, Kirino and Shinsuke).
Thank you very much for accepting EnHaru couple :) I too had idea for the story about them but when I am writing something romantic I blush... I guess I am better in writing poems.
About writing soon... well I will tell you this after reading next (and I am sure great) chapter ;)
7/21/2013 c5 49Shiranai Atsune
Next up is TakuOka?! Yes! One of my mega faves!
7/21/2013 c4 Shiranai Atsune
Yes! kyouAoi! I love it!
6/24/2013 c3 Guest
Finaly update!
im sorry for my late and i missed chap 2

Ah.. MuneTaku, i did'nt ship this pair, but i like to imagine they a friend. haha! and thanks for accepted my request, chap 5 uh? i'll wait for that chapter :)
6/24/2013 c3 IEGuest
Ohayo Author-san
I am glad that you like my review. And thank you for your story :D
Great chapter like always. MuneTaku friendship huh? I want it to happen in canon. I wouldn't be surprised if something like this would happen.
Honestly, I was sad because my favourite characters like Shinsuke, Yukimura, Kirino and Taiyou (my third favourite after Mamoru and Takuto) weren't chosen to be in Shinsei Inazuma Japan. Ibuki Munemasa is first character I have grown to like in this team even if Shin-sama (I like it when Akane calls him that) doesn't like him. You can laugh but I hope that the will be very good friends. You perfectly described their characters.
About Kyosuke/Aoi... I know you will do your best and that you will write an amazing chapter. Gambatte!
Can I also ask about Endou/Haruna couple? It is very rare pairing so if you can and most importantly if you want, would you write about it. If you want, I will gladly wait.
Have a nice day and a lot of inspiration (Sorry for my English, as you can probably see it is not my language) :)
6/24/2013 c3 12Puchii
Tsubaki-saaaaaaaaan! It's been so long since I saw you write! It's been forever! Missed you so much! /hugs/

I want to request for Konoha x Kusaka please! I think they're a cute couple! Drabbles like these needs a thumbsup! Keep going Tsubaki-san!
6/24/2013 c3 18Mizuhara Yukie
lol Thank you for a GOOD FRIENDSHIP fic between Shindou and Ibuki XD Love it! I hope Shindou will know the reason Ibuki-san stays in Shinsei Inazuma Japan because of him

If it okay with you, can I request another pairing? SARUXFEMFEI XDDDD
Sorry, I am a holic fan of these two! Hope you would accept :)
6/19/2013 c2 IEGuest
Ohayo, Author-san
It is one of the best Mamoru/Natsumi (my #1 pairing) one shot I have ever seen! :D You perfectly described Endou (you are right, I like him, he is my favourite character in Inazuma Eleven and I as a husband who loves his wife (but her cooking not so much ;)) and Haruna as a person who wants to help her friends. I am glad because your Natsumi used her husband given name. That story was so sweet especially the end.
And about rest?
Your idea with a wedding anniversary was amazing. And about Kabeyama/Amagi friendship... I have never really thougt about it, but now I like it.
I am so happy that you will write it all. Thank you very much. I can't wait for more, write soon if you can.
I was really tired but you made my day (Sorry for my English) :) Have a nice day :)
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