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7/9/2001 c6 nothing comes to mind
Great story! Kept me on the edge of my seat 'til I finished it.
5/24/2001 c6 35darke wulf
Great job! I loved this story so much, it's absolutely fabulous!
5/10/2001 c6 Mikey
Wow... good one, AJ! Stayed up too late reading again...

4/24/2001 c6 Karai
Totally awesome story with a "wicked" twist. Definately give this one a read. In fact, give it a couple of reads. Great work, AJ. Really awesome story. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff.
4/20/2001 c4 Triton a.k.a BKagefan
Oh man, I wasn't going to review untill the end but I can't help it now. This is a truly wonderful fic. I'm enjoying everylittle bit o it, even though Raph (personal favorite) is dying. I can even tell you how good I think this fic is, and I'm in total suspense. Keep it up.
4/4/2001 c6 Sarah
Wowza! That is "wicked" cool! That story rocked! I loved it! It was twisted! Thank you for writing it! I had such a great time reading it.
3/28/2001 c6 5JonathanDP81
Wonderful! I haven't read better! You really have the talent, keep it up.
3/22/2001 c6 missteff
Great work! I enjoyed it. Long but good. Keep up the good work.
3/7/2001 c6 5Bean2
Wow...::checks pulse:: wow, That was really just... wow... AJ, you are awesome!
2/25/2001 c6 Invidia Psyanide

I love horror and the turtles.This mix was perfect.
1/10/2001 c1 6Helen

BRAVISSIMA! *applause**applause**applause*

This is a Masterpiece...your finest TMNT story; I know because I've read almost all your TMNT work ;) A perfect blend of drama, emotion, battle, and mysticism...you have the depth of your characters down perfectly, each one presenting a true individual, in the spirit of their original creation. My only objection-and I almost hate to quibble over such brilliant work-is the permanent damage you did to Raphael...yet even that had it's place, in the grand scheme...Leonardo had always been my least favorite: your story moved him up a good many notches in my estimation.
1/9/2001 c1 SilverCat56
Awesome Story! This is one of the best Ninja Turtle stories I've read. It was great :) Keep writing!
12/31/2000 c1 SilverCat56
Awesome story! Can't wait to see the rest of it! :) Keep writing!
12/19/2000 c1 Torpedo
I'm very impressed. One of the most compelling stories I've ever read, and that comes from someone who's not really a huge fan of the TMNT.
12/14/2000 c1 Shannon
This story KICKS ASS...totally. You really captured, in my opinion, the essence of each characters personality...from on TMNT fan to another, great job :)
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