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12/26/2013 c8 2Skeeter69
Your story grabbed my attention from the beginning. The confidential file on Nico and Dani's reasons for not reading it are priceless. Glad she wanted Nico to share his past life with her rather than reading the info from a non-intimate paper trail. I am from a military background, work on a military base, etc; am so glad someone is opening up the issues loved ones face when the combat damaged soldier returns home. PTSD takes time, strength, love and therapy to overcome. The wounds are mostly hidden, the survivor's guilt sometimes devastating even after years. The conversations between Nico and Dani are spot on but sometimes frustrating to the reader because the unspoken thoughts should have been spoken aloud. Don't forget Dani's physical injuries from the gunshot. In chapter 5 Nico lifted her feet off the ground and there was no reaction to pain which would have still been there. Will you continue this story and let us know the outcome of Conner's betrayal of Nico? Thank you for sharing more of Nico's past. Many there are who can relate to it.
11/15/2013 c8 style28
What a wonderful chapter! Glad you are back to this story. I hope there is more to come. I can't get enough of this couple! Amazing job!
11/12/2013 c8 2Angels-heart1
Awe! Sweet! Loved it!
11/10/2013 c8 45Jeanie205
Glad to see you're finally back to this story. Can't quite figure out who's after them. You are going to tell us, right?
11/3/2013 c7 Guest
So how does the battle end?
8/29/2013 c7 Guest
great story - cannot wait for more!
8/26/2013 c7 SmoakinHotNerd
Can I just slap him upside the head! Nico listen to the woman! Thank you and more soon please
8/26/2013 c7 2Angels-heart1
Great chapter! Loved it! Can't wait to read more!
8/26/2013 c7 3SheliaLuvsWTR4EVER
Read the last two chapters and can't wait to see how Dani and Nico' s conversation is gonna go, should be very interesting. Wonder who's going to win the battle. Thanks for the updates!
8/26/2013 c7 style28
Fabulous update! I'm excited you have picked up these stories again" I absolutely love them! Great job and I look forward to your next update. Thanks!
8/26/2013 c7 50JessiePie6
Awesome. Can't wait to read the outcome of what I'm going to assume an argument
8/24/2013 c6 SmoakinHotNerd
Please continue this :)
7/9/2013 c6 style28
Great chapter! Loved the connection between the two! Xeno was a nice touch too! Update soon!
7/8/2013 c6 2Angels-heart1
Awe! Great chapter! I loved it! Can't wait to read more!
6/26/2013 c5 Angels-heart1
Great story! I'm really enjoying it. Can't wait to read more!
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