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for A Fairy Tale - from the 'Dear Rob' 'Verse

5/22/2015 c3 25Bits And Pieces
I just read through this; a very fascinating and unusual tale, indeed! Your writing is quite lyrical, and the story itself really has a fairy tale feel about it. Klink does seem rather different from how he is portrayed on the show, but you make it work, considering the added dimensions you've given him. I have to confess I thought the dance and the scene beyond was quite romantic, and I enjoyed seeing it from both perspectives. I am very concerned about the adversary and what he has discovered - thinks don't look good. I hope you will be continuing this in another story, I'd love to know what happens.
11/18/2013 c3 2JannaKalderash
Hmmmm...usually slash or implied slash isn't my cup of tea, but this story has my attention. I really like it.
10/19/2013 c3 73ChristianGateFan
Re: new addition at the end before the epilogue-

HAHAHAHAHA! That's great. Of course they were all thinking it, but :P
10/17/2013 c3 Snooky
I think this is my favorite chapter yet. And I see you solved your little "problem." Well done!

I do find myself wishing that it was that simple. That a lot of the Germans would turn and help the Allies (sigh).

Meanwhile, our antagonist is putting two and two together, which does not bode well for our heroes, but should make for some great writing and tension in the next chapter. Can't wait!

I still think that after the "dog tag incident," as I like to call it, that someone would be put in charge of matching up fake tags with the person. LOL. Just my two cents. Hmmm. I see a missing scene coming on.
10/17/2013 c3 Yashida
Absolutely wonderful!

There are way too few good Hogan/Klink stories out there, and yours is definitely one of the best yet!

Please do continue this!
7/7/2013 c2 46WingedWolf121
*hits self for being slow and not getting review back to you before you posted*

Ach, well. Anyway, my comments are as follows:

This is really good fic and I think its your longest thus far (5,822 words counting A/N! Congrats!) and ugh your writing is just awesome, there are so many little turns of phrase that are absolutely fantastic.

In negative terms: I still really dislike the "Dame Knight" thing. Still, overall the fic rocks!
6/18/2013 c1 74dust on the wind
Hi, Missy. I've read your story with interest. It's well written, although I think it could be tighter in places; it rambles a bit. Your basic plot is interesting, with a lot of humour. Unfortunately I can't buy into the relationship you're building in these stories; it feels like the participants are acting out of character. But that's probably an individual response.

Albert Speer's oldest daughter was born in 1936; so definitely not in the Resistance. In fact, none of his children were old enough to fit the part you've allocated here. As he's a contentious figure (I've read "Inside The Third Reich", and formed my own opinion as to his part in the German war effort), it might have been better to come up with a completely fictional character to fill the role. For anyone with a reasonable level of historical awareness, using a real historical figure only works if you're true to the facts of their lives. Changing known history to fit your own story purpose inevitably causes a jolt and shatters the illusion. You could easily fix it by changing it to an OC.

All in all, though, it's a good effort.
6/16/2013 c1 2GuardGirl2
Receiving an email that said a new story, from you was up, pretty much made my day! Great job, as always :-) It was so sweet and made me awww several times.
6/16/2013 c1 76snooky-9093
Well, this really did get away from you. LOL. A little long for the challenge, but thanks for participating (oops...I meant, thank you Rob, for participating.)

You have a marvelous way of turning Klink into something we think he's not...and making it believable.

I wonder if Langenscheidt suspected. I don't think he is all that innocent.

Looking forward to the next chapter in your "universe."
6/16/2013 c1 Fire Lord Castiel
I really liked it! :3 Very cute!

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