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for Where the River Flows

10/13/2013 c1 Trjz
This story is brilliant good job
4/23/2012 c15 Specificity713
Come on man! Where is the rest? This can't possibly be the end of the story. Granted it has been nearly 7 years but still!
2/11/2012 c15 anonymous reader
plleeeaassseeeeee keep on writing, i just sat down and read your 15 chapters and I LOVE THEM. Im no fan of drama but you make me read each page as an aspiring kid author (im 15) you make me finish that nexxt page... SO PLEASE CONTINUE WRITING! 3 3 3
11/13/2011 c15 V

It's a work of art, i need to find out what happens
11/26/2009 c15 Guest
Funny the things you think of late at night, but I felt like checking up on some of the fics I'd read years back, and I must say yours hold up surprisingly well under the passage of the years. While I must say it's a shame you stopped, you must have had your reasons and that's perfectly understandable.

Heh, thinking on it, when you stopped was about the time I stopped bothering with the pokemon section. Funny, that.
8/19/2008 c15 Chikofan
A very good story.
5/13/2008 c15 mistylover
I really like this - it gets a little confusing when changing pov but the emotion is great. Pls finish!
3/17/2008 c3 AshxMisty Luv
To b honest I don't really understand how to read.

10/28/2007 c7 Aeous tout la Debonair
You mezmerized me from the start of this thing. It's just now that I've been able to surface and type this. This fic is a true work of art.

4/11/2007 c15 1poka
good job with the story pls finis it
3/11/2007 c15 lilBrick
oh my god! finish this story already i need to know what happens! pleasse! u know u want to ;)
3/10/2007 c1 Rixiroo
Are you ever going to finish this? T_T
4/17/2006 c15 me
here i am again...still waiting...please finish. this is by far the best story i have read yet. i keep checking back here hoping and praying that there is a update. please please please. this is so good. ur so awesome. please update! ash and misty forever!: )
4/17/2006 c10 oceanbreeze
pleease finish this! i'm dyin here. i luv it so much. aaml forever. please please please.:(
2/18/2006 c1 me
dear goodness gracious! i can't take it any more!please update soon! i must know wat happens! it's so good!
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