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6/17 c19 Guest
What would have happened if Molea wasn't able to undo the chaos binding Kendra and Gavin's souls together?
6/17 c16 Guest
I was wondering, what would have happened if Kendra wouldn't have survived the battle of Zzyxx. Do you think you could write one like that? If you want, we can work on it together. Fair warning, I'm not a professional writer or even a decent one.
1/20 c1 Guest
10/29/2016 c6 Faithwolves
Aww don't kill them! this was a really good chapter though...really loved it.
good job!
4/25/2016 c2 Guest
ur A/N: preach on, why don't ya? this happens in every story and it was getting on my nerves! thank you for finally being the one seeing clearly.
Peace out!
7/4/2015 c14 Guest
My whole chest hurts
7/4/2015 c12 Nighthawkpg34
Thank u for not MACKING the 'Drip' sound go on further I was about to go mad,when I read I feel the characters feelings like a kid that just got hit and is feeling the after affects,so thanks,and seriously drip?Thats the secound most annoying thing to me. Another then SCREEEEEEEEEECH.
7/4/2015 c7 Nighthawkpg34
Wow that was,wow,(how did you think of that? that was realy...Just how?)I'm lost of words that was,just splendid,brilliant,wow,are you an actual author?thats just wow(i never get lost if words,did you enchant this into MACKING it the best,well?owww it hurts to think,I got my suspicions face on and I will be reading you...)
7/4/2015 c4 Nighthawkpg34
Very good Chpt,are you sure your not Brandon Mull and MACKING the 6th book because this writing seems familiar And is realy good hmmm.
7/4/2015 c2 Nighthawkpg34
Okay author this is dream I had...I fell in love with a dragon(blushes)who could turn into a human,in a castle(thinking,details!)but soon after I got everything straighten out with my feelings he found a girl dragon,and she became his girlfriend,I acted like I didn't care but his brother(did I mention they were royalty,ha,well )well let's say his brother didn't like me,and well some sort of tightness grew in me as looked in the moon,and wel soon the pain of seeing the one I love not even think a secound of me and thought we were just and nothing else,I soon got envies and one day I saw them kiss(I could be sleeping for two hours and a year can pass in my dream world,so a couple weeks is nothing.)and I ran to the moon for help,it always helped me before ( in that dream)and well the moon gave me wings so I could fly away into woods,because I was so caught up in my missfourtion I didn't see the evil brother behind me,and he well made me drink this potion that made me drowsy before I could fly,but the moon helped and carried me into the forest of Luna( Luna means moon) so I was safe there and befriended a lot of the creaters of the moon,wolfs,some fairies,owls,you get it and well one day I saw my crush and he came up to me and said what happened( long story short I explained) he sat there in human form then he asked why I was asking the moon for help? I'm a sly lier and said I felt his brothers presence near me and I went for a walk like I always did he said okay I asked about his relationship and said he couldn't be happier and if I wanted to come back I couldn't because,he well can't let girls in the castle unless there maids because I found out they were getting married. i felt something in my chest tighten in me but by then he was gone and it wasn't jealousy,it started to spread and the night creatures tried to help but to no use,and my skin turned grey and I had a blue dress on and my hair was straight!And that's when it hit my literally his brother he looked at me,and said"now let's end this" but something was uncertain in the way he looked at me now, fear?Well all I did was look at the waves and since the moon controlled the waves I asked for help and felt a power in me unleashed and he was back flowing to the castle,a few years later I found out I was the princess of the night( in real life I don't sleep until 2 or 3am and wake up at 8 or 7 just fine)it seems that the moon felt sorry for me or should I say mom and help guide me into a Orleans of night to never see him again and begin my rightful rule along side her,and eventually met a guy,nothing serious,just friend and my dream ended before anything else could I know what ur thinking why am I writing this,well I wanted you to use it and wright a fanfic since I'm not to good at this stuff,so please use it and please use something about night princess or something do I know it's mine and fix or change anything be me my guest!But please have the time to think about writing it thanks!
7/4/2015 c1 Nighthawkpg34
Okay first thank YOU SO MUCH!I have been searching for a fanfiction that at least had something believable,and this was great,and I know "Nighthawk?"the pg34 is not necessary but as I said "Nighthawk?" What kind of fake name is that,well hay!It sounded cool the first time I started to use it in the fanfiction world so can't stop now,and enough about me,GREAT JOB AND CANT WAIT TO READ MORE.( well quit actually no one is stoping me..I'm reading this completed,so it's just me typing that's the prob)
2/9/2015 c20 Guest
You know why do you put kendra Gavin name together?i thought that would be romance but I guess I was wrong Good dat
1/15/2015 c2 6jayan0706
This chapter was amazing. And when I read the A/N, it got even more amazing. I fell off the chair laughing when I saw the sparkly vampire thing.
11/16/2014 c16 Guest
I am absolutely loving it. Bravo Bravo
11/15/2014 c16 Guest
I personally think this should be part of the 6th Fablehaven even though there isn't going to be a 6th book. I could definitely see you as an author some day, your doing great keep it up. I think it would be kinda interesting if as soon as Kendra woke up if she helped Gavin/Navarog whatever you want to call him, and Gavin/Navarog helped Kendra once this happened. By the way I'm not saying this wasn't interesting but like other people I did the what if, ironically this is a what if in Fablehaven.

Best regards,

Fellow Fablehaven lover/ obsessed fan
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