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6/6/2018 c1 Kazari
There is a bit too much telling and not enough showing for my taste. It doesn't work at all trying to suck me in and fails to be convincing, like when someone complains about a story doing just one thing like needing Kryptonite in a Superman based story just to get attention from being different.

Like you didn't need to explain the backstory of the wedding outside of the characters. But I'm sure you've learned by now your mistake along with your new ones.

5/11/2015 c1 SexiiFoxii
That's really cute!
7/28/2014 c1 4Demonic girl111
Perfect way to make a memorable proposal! It was so cute!
4/15/2014 c1 Guest
So good
7/15/2013 c1 Ahmas2686
nice ;D want more please.
6/20/2013 c1 3Zero-Tails317
6/17/2013 c1 Guest
6/17/2013 c1 Guest
Din't get me wrong I really liked this... But 2 things bugged me.
1 they waited 2 whole years to get married and you didn't explain why.
And 2 you rushed that birth. No married couple is ever reasy for a baby to be born after creating it on their wedding night. It takes time and planning. Of course that's just a real life scenario and of course this is fanfiction... But still geez. They wait FOREVER to get married and then make a kid the same night or withinf a week or two. Time plotting man, work on it.
Oh well, there is a severe lack of any and especially good NaruSaku fics here lately so I'll deal with it. Good job!
6/19/2013 c1 13narusakufan1985
That was such a cute story. You did such a great job. Naruto and Sakura forever.
6/18/2013 c1 5kidloco
:D, nice one :D
6/17/2013 c1 10Jazbez
Excellent quick one-shot. Short but not too short to be a drabble, great emotion, the antics that Naruto does and Sakura's personality match perfectly.
That and I love your Penname and profile picture, hate the jackass...
6/17/2013 c1 bankai777
I bet that Kushina and Mebuki will spoil their granddaughter.
6/17/2013 c1 8The Keeper of Worlds
Very sweet:)

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