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for Love's Never Easy

2/10 c11 3Ina-Hatake
ohhh Hina is very fertile haha I love them both are.
2/10 c8 Ina-Hatake
I really like Kō... I feel like he took good care of Hina.
2/10 c7 Ina-Hatake
He definitely has serious problems... He has a more fucked up mind than even Sasuke, and that's saying a lot.
2/10 c6 Ina-Hatake
Aww Naruto is so sweet~ I love him so much

You killed me with the last paragraph...literally my windshield became too huge. I love Ship KakaHina god. <3
2/10 c3 Ina-Hatake
Well Naru...Let's hope so. ha ha

I like a Naruto who stops to think, smart Naruto is worth gold. I love
2/10 c2 Ina-Hatake
Oh god, this girl is really selfish and bitchy. Besides being capricious, of course. Typical of her.
1/10/2022 c32 15Sweetbaby162016
I love the story from chapter 1 to 32. Ayrmed had me feeling like i was on roller coasters with chapter she wrote. Skills like her writing will be missed. May she rest in peace. And please write chapter 33 if you can. Nonetheless still great story to had read.
11/25/2021 c32 kawaiihina
this was amazing story kudos to ayrmed for writing this masterpiece and to her fellow writers who helped her and able to finish her story though im so years late im still extending my condolence to her family and im sure she already at peace in heaven right now
11/15/2021 c30 Camilla678
Thank you to Ayrmed’s family and to both authors who continued the story
11/15/2021 c29 Camilla678
I know this happened a few years ago but having just discovered this fic I can’t help but feel sad reading this… From wherever you are, thank you so much for this fic 3
11/18/2019 c32 aviesee
To Ayrmed's family, I would just like to let you know that I truly enjoyed this story. She was a talented writer and very thoughtful going so far as to recommend other stories for everyone to enjoy. She will not be forgotten. Thanks also to her true friends who continued this story especially Serious Sam and Chewie Cookies.
3/26/2018 c32 NaruHina FTW
One more chapter, come on man! Hate to see this gem go without its epilogue.
1/14/2018 c16 CrispinMelrose
Sometimes love is easy. It's rare, but some couples are just that harmonious.
9/27/2017 c32 9oceanmoon
Poor Tenten! I'm glad things resolved themselves. A truly beautiful story. Hopefully you still consider finishing and posting the epilogue. Thank you to everyone involved with this lovely story.
9/27/2017 c31 oceanmoon
Another awesome chapter. I'm happy that the baby is finally there! That birthing process was wild.
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