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12/26/2020 c2 Dissapointed
I don't get it.

I mean sure, the picture is painted masterfully but the progression? It's sick shit.

I've read thousands of words and Harry is still a lost angsty idiot relying on Dumbledore for everything, unable to use the thing in his skull even if it had bitten him in the ass. What was that 'I don't want to use that wand'? The git broke his own and now he has a wand he stole from someone who attacked him but he doesn't WANT to use it? The MC is a child who REFUSES to grow up despite everyone around him dying. I feel like reading about a guy watching gay porn in his room while the world around him is collapsing but the guy just refuses to look out of the window, happily waiting for his own demise stroking his *hem hem*. That's how I see this MC. No fucking drive. No way of progression. No nothing. He is still the same.

And don't let me start on Tonks. She just lost many of her colleagues and she is acting like a right bitch to MC... why exactly? Why is she not affected by their deaths? Why is she trying to rub in her 'superiority' and is an arrogant cunt? I don't get it. What blasted reason would she have for it since she knows they are in the middle of a war? Does she fuck with MC's mind for fun? When their lives are on the line?

I don't fucking get IT! And the last thing, this was supposed to be Tons/Fluer/Harry. But the way the author portrayed Tonks, I sure as hell do not WANT to read more of this trash because her character is horrible. I sure as hell DO NOT want to see her with the protagonist. And I SURE AS HELL do not want to read about this protagonist.

So, dropped as searing disappointment is bubbling in my veins.
10/27/2017 c6 Dreous44
Great start of a story. I hope you go back to writing it someday.
6/16/2017 c2 hogwartsfan1
Interesting a mature tonks and a mature Harry who would have conceived it. I like what you have done with the two characters. if this continues as this has been going it could be one of my favorites.
5/12/2017 c6 Septimus714
GOD DAMN IT! I am begging you to update this! It's fucking terrific. I hope you do update it someday.
7/31/2016 c3 N a b s t e R
you know what this story has had me fcking pissed off. what the fuck does tonks know about death maybe harry should go bat shit crazy and kill her mom and dad and go after everything she cares about and then ask her to get over it.
8/30/2014 c6 1Mighty Pen 20
Well written, very interesting story. I got the same vibe that i got from reading Renegade Cause; there is a major clusterfuck situation, and the tension is palpable. The ' hunted from every side ' situation always makes for a good adventure, doubtlessly.

The only passages i had to skim by were some of Harry' s thoughts and feelings, to be honest. Sometimes, they were a bit too much. Enlightening of course, but a bit too too much, if you get what i am saying.

The Chineese seem to be too op with their own brand of super secret destructive magic, but personnaly i do not find it annoying, since it makes for an interesting story.

Hopefully, you will decide to come back to the fic some day. It would be a pity to just let it go.
7/24/2014 c6 timewastin
The fallout by the later chapters is going to be huge for this _ This is war and UN/ICW country suppression material for practically all the persons behind the chase for Harry.
7/24/2014 c3 timewastin
Pretty sure Harry should have broken Nymphadora's jaw. Just saying
11/21/2013 c2 DFlitty
God Damn, this is absolutely amazing... Holy crap one of the best I've ever read. GJ man, absolute amazing
10/25/2013 c2 21st Son of The Sea God
Ok on the one hand I really want to say that this chapter was one big pile of crap and at one point I had been wishing for the chapter to end not even half way through the chapter. I mean, couldn't you have shortened it a bit? Reading through the whole thing made me want to yell at my laptop. On the other hand, damn you can write! I have never read such a detailed description of someone's grief before. I understand that you needed to explain a change in Harry's character that will undoubtedly be needed for this story. Although I feel you may have underestimated Harry's initial character and maturity. I mean, the way you showed Harry panicking at Privet Drive would have been normal for any other underage character but Harry has already been in more near death experiences than most adults. Hell in the previous year he saw Cedric killed and Voldemort resurrected before his very eyes and he didn't panic as badly as you show him to panic at the beginning of the story. Still, the story has a good foundation now and I hope the rest is more interesting than this.
9/24/2013 c5 ludpeshko
Wow, some seriously action packed chapter. You get an excellent 5/5 for this one.

Very good work indeed :)
9/24/2013 c4 ludpeshko
Still lovin' it ))

Tonks' character is so much more mature and nice to read compared to almost all other fics(even the books).

I like the political angle that goes for Scrimgeour, and I can't even say that the foreign magic as being so powerful or unknown is really bothersome.

OK, going for the next chapter. It's getting better and better, let's hope you don't disappoint ;)
9/21/2013 c2 1kelwin
good fic
9/15/2013 c6 Numba1
Hmm Curious - Dumbledore Phoenix feiht
9/12/2013 c6 Ero-kun
I'm not sure I like this. The first part was nice, despite Tonks being so bitchy and Harry being a b*tch. Yeah, I know people react differently when sh.t hits the fan, but it still was annoying (probably your intention as Harry's supposed to change into someone better). One more thing - Chinese wizards owning half of the world, being so mysterious that destroying the Fidelius and blood wards is as simple as squinting one's eyes(ridiculously easy for an average Asian, eh?) and all of it, because... MAGIC. A big, fat, ugly NO on this point. The introduction to France was kind of boring, too. We'll see what else have you got for us. Have fun writing. Bye!
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