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for Come to the Darkside, We Have Muffins: A Drabble Collection

11/23/2015 c2 7NoilyPrat
Ah, I like these quick blurbs. Father's Day was creepy, although I believe the Tea Party Meeting to be the best. Also got a chuckle from Crowley's bad day as well. :D Glad Vampire Alpha is so lazy!
11/23/2015 c1 NoilyPrat
oh, these are GREAT - Love the muffins, but I think I love the Got Blood the best. :D
7/16/2014 c2 Lord Razer
I know its been a while but please update this eels pretty good
1/6/2014 c1 38Jaycie Victory
Utterly. Hilarious!
9/11/2013 c1 4Baje Barra
I'm dying of awesome right now. Favorites include the tea party, one with Abbadon, Stephanie Meyer, and Ursula, but they're all hilarious. Keeeeeeep going throughout the new season pleeeeeeease!
6/21/2013 c2 chinchikurin
Oh my! Where d'ya come up with this ideas? Brilliant.. I love the Ruby and Lilith meeting..hahaha
6/19/2013 c2 13Tisha Wyman
Fantastic! I am so enjoying these.
6/18/2013 c1 chinchikurin
I felt the urgency to acquire plentiful of your amusing literature, my dear.. in short.. I need more! :D :D :D
6/18/2013 c1 beyondtired
I had to read it just because of the title. A couple I didn't get, but great writing and very funny.

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