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7/5/2018 c25 8Luckyme22
I loved this story. It tugged on my heartstrings so much. It made cry a river and then act all lovey-dovey. I will admit that the romance between Hermione and Draco did go a little fast but somehow you made it work. Not many can do that. I also liked the way you wrote out Scorpius's death because it had a great climax but you didn't make so unexpected that it was stupid. I also liked how you made realistic and didn't make Draco propose to Hermione. Overall I absolutely loved this story. Keep up the fantastic work!

Luv ya,
1/30/2017 c1 efamuyiwa
7/2/2016 c25 gigglymonkey12
I'm not a fan...
I don't like matter if the person you're with is a downright bastard or not. That doesn't change the fact that they're still cheating.
I'm also not a fan of you asking for reviews in order to update the story...and then being disappointed about it. I get work hard to write the story so you want to see something given back, but I prefer writers who engages their readers with fun and quirky A/N...that way I don't feel as though I have to write a review, but instead it's me leaving a review for someone I sorta "know"
10/9/2015 c1 NO NAME PROVIDED
It started off well but went really downhill at the end.
1) If Hermione was any good at her job (and she was meant to be the best) she would have easily been able to figure out who it was.
2) There was absolutely no need to kill off Scorpius.
3) Hermione and Draco are no better than Astoria and Blaise - cheating is cheating.
4) No way would anyone be comfortable living with their mother and their dead boyfriend's father - especially when their lack of focus on the investigation contributed to said boyfriend's death.
5) If the Blaise / Draco conversations were written as a red herring that would have been smart, otherwise way too obvious and so why was Draco too stupid to realise.
6) Ron being abusive added nothing to the plot.

I've read a lot of books and thousands of fan fictions. I don't normally comment but the ending and transparency of this story annoyed me.
5/17/2015 c22 Guest
I understand why you killed Scorpius, but he was in leads than a chapter!
5/16/2015 c7 Guest
I really liked it! Super funny, my favorite part is the in school she couldn't tolerate him, same for Rose and Malfoys son. But I wonder when Rose is older she won't mind Malfoys kid?
5/7/2015 c21 ella
aww scor bby

you should have killed draco instead omf draco is v annoying
11/30/2014 c25 Anon
To be honest, the last few chapters completely ruined it. I absolutely loved the beginning. I even loved the cheating part, because Ron is a right bastard. But, the ending wasn't necessary. Rose and Scorp Should have never have dated. They could of been best friends, so Hermione and Draco could still have an affair. Scorp had no reason to be killed off, simply for them to be together. I'm sorry, but it was uncalled for. Blaise killing him? Blaise being the lover? I understand it because it went with the story. To be honest I didn't finish reading this. But, most people are going to get mad at me, probably because I have bad grammar and I'm complaining about a completed fiction. Advice? Don't use a kids death to be the reason two people can be together. It is just wrong.
9/18/2014 c25 Aria Talbot
More revenge on Ron and Astoria... xD
3/18/2014 c23 2alicebrandycullen
you killed scorpius... why?
10/6/2013 c25 8havinghopeagainsthope
i just read the story...i rele felt very bad that Scorpious died...he seemed like such a lively character...overall, i liked the story...i would have really liked a Draco n Blaise confrontation...i felt it would have given Draco a much needed closure...i like that Hermione and Draco finally found a way to end up together...glad that Rose could accept them and move on...:-)
10/5/2013 c25 your broken things
I have to say I enjoyed Carousel more than this; I stumbled across Carousel and then came to this after finding that it was on hiatus (still hoping you'll carry on, by the way).
This was well written, all the same, and I think it's fantastic for a first fic- though nowhere near the quality of your other work...
(Sorry if I sound snobby; if you click on me you'll find I've only posted a drabble and the prologue of a DMHG fic, and you'll probably think I'm really stuck up for saying this. But I've read thousands of Dramione ((literal)) and I've got about five other accounts besides this, so...)
Anyway! This is really a ramble now, isn't it.
10/1/2013 c1 5sneezingpanda12345
So gooooooood!
9/13/2013 c1 jess
Hey! Im janvi and ellie's friend at whs and I have just read ur first chapter and ur AMAZING!
9/13/2013 c24 8TheWrongAlice3
I wish Scorpius hadn't died. I really do. :(
And Rose and Scorpius shouldn't have had a thing.

But you write so darn well. :o idk if I've akready reviewed this, but I'll do it again because you write amazingly well.
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