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for A Fairy Tale Promise of Protection

3/15/2018 c1 4T-tawny
Well I'm interested, but I do feel that more spacing/paragraphs wouldn't be bad!
10/2/2017 c18 20SashaMonroe
5/22/2017 c17 Person
Please write more! It's been 3 years. THREE YEARS! Please!
5/21/2017 c5 A Otaku
This story is amazing so far! It is really well written and a great plot line! This is my first time reading a Nalu fanfic and I choose I great one to begin with. This is amazing thank you so much! I love how you also stick to the character's personality, most people don't. Thanks again!
3/9/2016 c17 Apotholite
But... but this is adorable.. why you no write more?
4/7/2015 c17 LRCN
update please
3/10/2015 c17 5popcans
Please continue!
12/10/2014 c17 MaddielovsNaLu17
Update plzzzz :)))))))
11/30/2014 c17 1darknessenvelopsme
Oh no! A cliff hanger!
10/10/2014 c17 11Mimichan55
Lucy! I wonder what will happen next?
I find it so cute that Natsu dashed out after Lucy x3
Amazing chapter !
Update soon!
PS sorry it was a while until I read it. It's just that I haven't had much time to read fanfics and at the moment my inbox is full of them! but I found some time! I'm glad I read it! Keep up the great work XD
9/26/2014 c17 20SashaMonroe
Whoa what a ending to an awesome chapter!
9/23/2014 c17 4animebooknerd
wait keep going this the suspense might kill me. well not literally but its getting so good
9/23/2014 c16 4TheShadowWhoHidesInTheDark
I don't know if this is on purpose, or by accident, but there's been a distinct lack of Gajeel and I just wanted to ask why it was so?
9/22/2014 c17 1Disney lovers 101
I don't know what's gonna happen! Update soon! :)
8/15/2014 c16 11Mimichan55
who took her!?
awesome chapter!
update soon!
(p.s aww your so sweet and I cant wait!)
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