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for Creepy love letters from Lil' Gideon

11/8/2019 c7 Guest
Now THAT'S a brother.
11/5/2017 c11 Guest
God, Gideon is creepy.
7/14/2017 c2 Guest
The author was not Fiddleford Hadron McGucket.
The author was...Stanford Filbrick Pines.
9/16/2016 c4 Guest
Reminds me of the love letter's Trinian, uh hum, borrowed from the rich in the (Dwaven diamond quarter, continent: Thedas, world: unknown,universe: name unknown,path tree/section name unknown bla, bla, bla...)
11/27/2015 c11 unknown 115
'Giggle' I for one loved this can you make another one for season two please
11/26/2015 c11 Gravityfalls25
Jesus this letter scared me to death 0_0
11/22/2014 c11 20InsanityIsClarity
11/22/2014 c3 InsanityIsClarity
Listened to the song... oh wow. Oh wow.
10/18/2014 c4 lynn
if I was mabel I would wright this to Gideon

dear Gideon
it is me Mabel pines not some nick name ! you may ask way I am writing you now because this is the first and last leater I will ever wright to you . leave me alone ! I will never be your queen even if you try I will kill you first got it I writing to apalize to you for not tell you this from day one . it's sad I never had friends in my old town except dipper you were the first friend I ever had that's way I did not want to be you little girl friend we were just starting to be friends and if we started dating we could and did start hating each other I could not tell you this in person so I let dipper say it for me my mistake I was not saying why and how I filet from the first time you asks me out
I hurt my first friend and for that I am sorry . but what you did was pure evil trying to kill dipper tack my stan's shop . you have crased every line . ageon way am I writing this is to do to thing's let you know I am sorry for my part in your life going to hell and to asks you for peace I love my family and I know I am not smart or strong like dipper and Stan those time you kidnaped me if dipper had not been there all would be lost for me and my family so if I don't love you and can't fight you I have to beg you to stop because if you don't well someday dipper or worse me will have to one day kill you to stop you do you get that I don't want to kill my friend even is we are not friends anymore
I played my part in this bye not standing up for my self and saying all this to you sooner
I have read all the letters you sent me before I put them in the pit yes what dipper told you was true . they scary me I never want to see are here from you for the rest of my life
know that there was a time we were friends and I will miss that and if I see you trying anything thing I will stop you anyway I can but hopefully you will be in jail for the rest of you life and if you do get out you will move on well good bye for ever
from Mabel the friend you lost
PS no need to wright me back because I will not and do not want you to if you move on I will never see you agene and if you don't well I guess we will fight it out some day
I hope you move on
9/19/2014 c2 4MelonTail
._. One word: Gideon...
8/26/2014 c11 mabelisawesome
This is hilarious! I love it! It'd be cool if you write more letters from him, from jail or something.. Please don't stop this story! If you do, I still love your story :D
8/23/2014 c11 14RainbowRoses618
Man, Gideon is SO FREAKING CREEPY in this story!
8/9/2014 c11 Bunny
Cool story I love it . please make more I would love to read them anyway thanks. :)
8/8/2014 c2 mel
i know who wrote the books
8/8/2014 c10 Beep Bop Boop
" So I hope you have a good excuse, not something stupid like your brothers dying,"

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