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for Violent Schizophrenia

6/10/2016 c1 3TyrionTabaluga
Wow, just... wow! That chapter was pretty evil! And it was pretty good, very well done! I could literally see Mr S#?!ch and Wake in front of my mind's eye and for some reason I closed my eyes when Wake's finger was taken off (I don't know why, though, as this is a story and not a movie xD)
But at last Wake was sort of saved by the Light.
Then again, I wonder what actually made the picture frame glow with that intense light so it could send back Mr. S#?!ch back to the shadows? And what will happen to Wake now, that he was hurt by his Doppelgänger? Where was he hit by the knife? In the shoulder? In the chest? Will the injury be lethal or can Wake make it? Were these actual events, a nightmare of Wake or even some crazy fantasy that took place in Mr. S#?!ch's twisted mind?
There are too much questions unanswered, so I beg you to write a second chapter or even another OneShot to explain it.
Please, I liked that *dark* OneShot very much! xD
Best Greetings :)

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