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for Minion: 100 Ways of Ridding of Boredom

1/19/2017 c3 Guest
Comfy cabin is a level in kirbys epic yarn.
8/28/2016 c46 Fun Pak 64
I liked the concept, but this is never mentioned again.
12/23/2015 c11 291Thunderfire
Bandana Dee, I'm so proud of you getting rid of such a deadly enemy!
Aww, I like the companionship between these two. I can definitely imagine them with clarity as well which is always a good thing.
12/23/2015 c10 1Thunderfire
If Bandana Dee thought about it, he could probably take over as king. Dude sure has it for King Dedede but then, he isn't much of a ruler!
12/23/2015 c4 1Thunderfire
Kirby must be seen as a monster by them and I can see why! The Great Consumer Of All. Do not block his path. Ever.
Poor Waddle Doo. I feel for him.
12/23/2015 c2 1Thunderfire
Aww, these guys are cute! It must be bad though when they end up in The Place. *shudder*
Looks good so far!
6/25/2015 c20 connor wh
what about deceit
3/29/2015 c101 Abymoosh911
I love the ending. It made the title make more sents.I also think it is,funny to make Giggle a dragon.

Do you by any chance watch The Amazing World of Gumball? Your titles are kinda like their's.
3/5/2015 c8 37Agt Cosmic
Why Dedede bothers saying 'have a good day' in his notes is beyond me.

New characters? I'm assuming so. Dedede has money to blow so two more servants wouldn't be much difference.
3/5/2015 c7 Agt Cosmic
Aw, sweet. It feels weird that nobody got hurt in this chapter, though. It feels like a crime for the Minion project to NOT have chaotic incidents all the time.
3/5/2015 c6 Agt Cosmic
Do I see a bit of foreshadowing to the next minion project here?

I love how the video is filmed. Rockiest was the only cameraman, but he probably wouldn't have filmed it as well as Bandana Dee. Maybe.
3/5/2015 c5 Agt Cosmic
Meta Knight attacking right after Kirby...

Must be 'Puffballs hate Dedede week', if such a thing exists...

And the hallway is pink. Well, I guess it's like Bandana Dee says; no one cares.
3/5/2015 c4 Agt Cosmic
Pffft. That made me laugh. And the sandwich Kirby will serve to Dedede. I like Bandana Dee's game-themed mentality, though.
3/5/2015 c3 Agt Cosmic
I caught the reference. 'Comfy Cabin', isn't it?
2/26/2015 c2 Agt Cosmic
Nice idea about The Place. I kinda had the idea but I figured that nobody else would think it was plausible.
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