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1/4/2014 c4 16Duesal Bladesinger
Another good chapter. To be honest, I'm too tired to offer any useful feedback. :P
1/4/2014 c3 Duesal Bladesinger
That's a bit harsh. Anko can be fun!
1/4/2014 c2 Duesal Bladesinger
I really liked those little interrogation scenes with Tayuya and Jiraiya.
1/4/2014 c1 Duesal Bladesinger
You know, I actually hate the 'Neglected Naruto' premise, but you're a damn good writer. I'm reading this one to the end.
1/4/2014 c6 RikudoNaruto1
thanks for the update naruto x tayuya ftw!
1/4/2014 c6 5Generation Zero
! I should have seen that coming
1/2/2014 c5 1Zatharan
12/9/2013 c5 1Jarjaxle
O.O...O.o...o.O...W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-ww-what-W.T.F. ! ? !? !? Minato and Mikoto?

Okay...You just made shit Literally Hit The Fan. And Narumi is in Love with Naruto..wait, Scratch that...make it More like; Seriously Obsessed...*hold's His Head shaking it* this just got 1000 times More Interesting.

And Kushina Will Kill Minato if she finds out and Fugaku will Literally commits Double Homicide, This at least will break Naruto's Former Family. Especially now when You Made Minato get Mikoto Pregnant.

And Naruto is Slowly getting stronger
12/2/2013 c5 Guest
The rest of the chapters were understandable, but the... third, I think, where Tayuya tells the story, is as confusing as fuck. And the pairings in the story's summary make jo sense so far; why would Naruto start doing his dad and when dor Kushina and Konan meet?
11/18/2013 c5 NandoXFiles
Will Kushina find out bout Minato n Mikoto
11/17/2013 c5 VarKaim
Aw crap... yandere... MORE!
10/30/2013 c5 Naru115
Can't wait for the update!
10/29/2013 c5 DaemonKing23
Haaaahaha you turned Narumi into a yandere. It will be interesting to see Kushinas reaction to her best friend and husband screwing like rabbits. Keep up the good work and till next time ja ne.
10/27/2013 c5 Guest
constant jumping between times and places makes it really hard to read
10/22/2013 c5 narutoDkurosaki
Dude I have read each and every fic of yours and I must say this one is your best one each and every plotlines coming to life I must say it was an interesting read but your writing style has me confused my friend...hopefully you may update this faster
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