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for Broken Clockwork

8/13/2013 c4 19dracohalo117
Good chapter...a bit confused because of the flash forwards and the scattering all over the place, but it is good nonetheless...

8/13/2013 c4 mudane
Great chapter i was hoping this story would be uzumakincest.
8/13/2013 c4 5War Sage
good chapter and good ending
8/13/2013 c4 1Impstar
Hmm, this chapter was more clear. Keep it up. This story is just getting interesting. I wonder when Naruto's going to end up back in Konoha (as the flashbacks stated he'd be, at least temporarily).
8/13/2013 c3 9AhumbleHalofan
This is interesting I hope you continue it. However, it's hard as hell to actually follow.
8/12/2013 c3 1Impstar
I'm not entirely sure what to think about this back-and-forth style. I believe that it adds some character at the beginning, but I hope you more or less drop it later on.

I look forward to the next update.
8/11/2013 c3 19dracohalo117
...I like the only real complaint is the flashes to the future...removes a bit of the tension and desire to read further. Otherwise, great story...

8/11/2013 c3 Lednacek
interesting concept. sadly, there are to many points of view and time skips for me to stay on track with the story.
8/10/2013 c3 2Ame no Kagaseo
Interesting! But I kinda get confused with the timeline shifts. . .
8/10/2013 c3 Tobias
Interesting story, I want to learn more :-)
8/10/2013 c3 2un.arbre
"You ass! You knew!"

Heh, best line I ever read.
8/10/2013 c3 5plums
As much as I really want to like this story, this skips around so much that it might as well be a crack fic. It's all dialogue and half scenes. There is almost no internal introspection or description going on.

Its fine to have a story that jumps around in terms of the timeline, but you have to give us more than two minutes of reading per jump. I honestly had to reread the previous chapter just to even have a prayer of understanding what was goin on, and even then I know I don't truly know and won't without the next half dozen chapters at the rate you're going.
8/10/2013 c3 andrew7303
good story. it seems a little speratic but i am sure that when it is finished it will make more sense/
8/10/2013 c3 Sicloup
Complete crap
8/10/2013 c3 nany-chan04
Is asking Anko on a date is a good thing or bad? O.O
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