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for the secrets that you keep

10/20/2013 c2 Guest
Nononono Jason can't die. How could Reyna be so cruel?!
Ok, Piper, go away. No one likes you.
But then again, Jason was the one who fell for Piper right away. And didn't say he loved Reyna. Unless he really didn't. Which would be sad.
I really love this story, which is why I'm so frustrated the characters just won't do what I want them to. Ugh.
10/17/2013 c2 seriouslylazy
Your characterization of Reyna is just . . . amazing. Amazing.
10/15/2013 c2 Guest
Wow, i kinda shocked it' s just had 8 reviews. This story is well written, the character still ic and the plot are briliant. You're writing style are perfect and i cannot wait for the last part
10/12/2013 c2 1it would be reyna
oh my god. this is excellent. like really. very well-written and i love the plot. cannot wait for the last part! xx
10/11/2013 c2 17fakesroyalty
This story is absolutely amazing. I get chills reading it. Your characterization of Reyna is just wonderful, her interactions are perfect (I especially loved when she told Jason off for interrupting her), and I can see the story playing out in my head like an intense spy movie. Keep rocking!
10/11/2013 c2 Floatfoot
This is beautiful!
10/10/2013 c2 Anon
No... asf;lkdsjf;alskfjl;sdkf; You're a really talented writer! I'm really looking forward to the next part (I can't believe you only have 4 reviews). Update soon and keep up the great work!
7/30/2013 c1 goldspears
That was gorgeous. I can wait for the next part!

Reyna x
6/28/2013 c1 Floatfoot
Beautifully written!
6/22/2013 c1 23oneoffour111
Creepy! So good. Very Reyna.
6/22/2013 c1 theoneiromancer
This was lovely, as per usual. I'm looking forward to the next part!
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