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2/22/2019 c4 MrsMauraRizzoli
I've noticed this a lot in these fics but as far as I can remember Jane has never used the expression 'What do we got' in the tv show. According to google the way to say this expression is 'What have we got' and I'm sure if Jane or any of the other detectives said 'What do we got' that Maura would jump on this in a flash and tell them this is not the proper use of the expression. My remarks are not meant to be critical and shouldnt be taken as such its just not something I've ever heard Jane say.
5/29/2018 c17 Guest
Please continue please
11/10/2017 c17 Claudette Robertson
I would love for you to continue you this story
9/25/2017 c17 Wolf2468
Please continue please please continue please i really love this story
7/30/2017 c13 Randi
::trying to reel her jaw off the floor:: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2/14/2017 c17 vvvfvhffyf
Continue please
12/27/2016 c17 redwolf2313
please continue please I really love this story
11/25/2016 c17 dlfngrl05
I hope you will continue!
11/1/2016 c16 Outryder
So is there more to follow...
9/17/2016 c17 Guest
Please continue!
9/16/2016 c17 Guest
Please continue and since you said your writing has improved them it wouldn't hurt to Strasser another one
9/15/2016 c17 maccaterine
Please, finish this story...
9/13/2016 c17 Vbbneighbor
Please continue. I'm hooked & am dying to read more.
9/11/2016 c17 elissetty
I'm agree ... please, continue this wonderful story!
9/11/2016 c17 Guest
I think as you've got this far you should finish it! And then write another one
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